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Optional Course Credit


Human Rights Declaration

Dear Student,

It is our pleasure to greet you and reiterate that our top priority at AIU is your academic progress.

On this occasion we are sending you an optional course you can write a research essay on that will allow you to earn credits that will be reflected in your transcript.

Like always, your advisor will evaluate your work and determine a grade and the number of credits earned.

We remind you that according to AIU's andragogy system, we expect you to submit at least one assignment every 30 days in order for you to successfully complete your academic program. This is an excellent opportunity to achieve this goal.

Human Rights Declaration

In order to access this course, please click on the following link or copy and paste it in your Internet browser.


When completing your work, please keep the following in mind: the optimal number of pages for the essay is between 25 and 30 pages (Arial 12 point font, single spaced). It must also be more than a summary of concepts. It's important that the development of each project include an analysis of the themes on a local, national and international level; that it have comparative tables and an analysis of the author's perspective.

It is acceptable to revise the concepts but it must be in reference to the application. Do not forget to include a complete chapter on your conclusions in which you thoroughly analyze your results and express your own recommendations, improvements and, when appropriate, contributions.

As you know, the guidelines for developing a research project are available in the student manual.

The steps for sending a project for this course are:
  • Go to option "B. Academic Information".
  • Click on "Curriculum Proposal".
  • Click on "Add New Course".
  • Fill in all the boxes (including the course title and the corresponding phase)
  • Click on "Update".
  • Return to option "B. Academic Information" in your student section.
  • Click on " Phase 1 Assignment" (or Phase 2, depending on your phase)
  • Click on "Submit New Assignment".
  • Click on "Schedule your next course".
  • Select the assignment in the box "Select Course", with the date on the bottom.
  • Fill in the date in the corresponding box.
  • Select the phase you are in.
  • Click on "Submit"
  • When your assignment appears in the blue window, click on the option to the right: Submit.
  • In the next window, click on "Review" to locate your document and
  • Double click on the document you are attaching.
  • Finally, click on "Submit"

    We hope this course is useful and helps you earn more credits.


    Student Services Department

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