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Atlantic International University is justly proud of its Academic Advisors and Assessors. Their qualifications and expertise allow us to assert that your program will be evaluated by recognized specialists in the discipline, with extensive academic experience. The advisors responsibility is to guide the student through the key steps of the academic program. Following is a partial list of current Advisors/Assessors.


Itay Gil,
Academic Advisor

Atlantic International University

 Atlantic International University
 Academic Advisor
 United States

Dr. Itay Gil


  • Director of Counter Terror and Homeland Security Studies Magid Institute/ Hebrew University

  • Head of Department of Martial Arts/ Personal Training Online Studies Tel Aviv University

  • Featured Al Jazeera, The Age as Counter Terror, Border Protection and Aviation Security Expert, 2015

  • Featured on BBC Special Forces "Ultimate Hell Week" Episode two, 2015

  • History Channels Human Weapons Series, 2007

  • Author ""Citizen's Guide to Stopping Suicide Attackers" 2004 Paladin Press, ISBN- 978-1-58160-433-7

  • Honorary Distinguished Professor Intelligence, Counter Terrorism and Defense Aspen University


    Australian Protective Services (Instructor Training for Secret Service and Tactical Assault Group) Japan SAT, Special Assault Team and Foreign Affairs of Japan in Serbia/ Montenegro, Office of the Israeli President Head of Security Training (10 years), FBI, HRT, SWAT, Ukrainian Presidents Security, Mayor of Las Vegas Personal Protection, Brazil BOPE Military Elite Police, Spetsnaz Alpha Group and FSB Russia, UK/ Scottish Police Academy, Italian Police Carabinieri, Netherlands Royal Marines, Ukrainian Airlines and US Airways, Israeli Parliament (Knesset), Israel Ministry of Housing, IDF Military, IPA Israel Prison Authority, Israeli Police, Israel Tax Authority, Jerusalem Museum, Jerusalem Old City Security Project and Psychiatric Institutions/ Doctors and Medical Staff. VIP Protection Belgium, Consulted Border Protection Elite Counter Terror Foreign and Domestic since 1986


    Military-trained leader with over 30 years experience including management



    Protect Israeli Security Solutions

    Founder & CEO                                                                                                                   1997 - Present

    Protect activities are to provide organizations with a full basket of integrated security training services ranging from the strategic to the tactical. Protect is an international recognized market leader, offering innovative training programs and solutions.


    Yamam Israeli Counter Terror Special Forces Unit                                                       1985 - Present

    Border Security Branch Israeli Special Police & IDF

    Preventing illegal immigration by air, sea and land, Pre-emptive actions towards smuggling of weapons, drugs and human trafficking, intelligence operations, investigation and interrogation, visa status, counter terror foreign and domestic.

  • Consultant

  • Hand to Hand Combat & Weapons Instructor




    Yamam Israeli Counter Terror Special Forces Unit (continued)                                  1985 - Present

  • Operational Member

  • Entry team, Breaching Repelling, Fast Rope

  • Search and Rescue First Aid Responder Team Operational Driver

  • Team Counter Terror Sniper/ Stealth, Camouflage Open Field Tactics


    Israeli Elite Border Police (Yamas)                                                                                  1992 - 1997

    Supervising and conducting all training programs for all border policeman as well as the undercover teams. Responsible for curriculum and manual writing, including all training drills, evaluation, testing and upgrades.


    Israeli Defense Forces                                                                                                      1981 - 1984

    Special Forces/ Special Infantry Team



  • MSc.(Sports Science), Wingate University

  • Wingate University Training Faculty

  • Certified Trainer in Physical Training and Martial Arts

  • 6th Degree Black Belt

  • Certified Weapons Instructor


    Examples Seminars Conducted

  • VIP Close Protection Seminar (Singapore) 2014
  • VIP Close Protection Seminar (Italy) 2014
  • International Krav Maga Seminar (Czech Republic) 2014
  • International Krav Maga (Portugal) 2014
  • United Krav Maga Seminar (Poland) 2014
  • Krav Maga Seminar (Ukraine) 2013 Evolution Krav Maga (Italy) 2012
  • Close Protection BOBE, Police Special Forces Unit (Brazil) 2012
  • United Special Security Tasks, The Royal Netherlands Military Police
  • Israeli Close Protection Workshop 2011
  • Travel Safe Seminar (Amsterdam) 2011
  • Argentina Special Forces Police 2010

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