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Atlantic International University is justly proud of its Academic Advisors and Assessors. Their qualifications and expertise allow us to assert that your program will be evaluated by recognized specialists in the discipline, with extensive academic experience. The advisors responsibility is to guide the student through the key steps of the academic program. Following is a partial list of current Advisors/Assessors.


Dr. Jorge Vasconcelos,
Academic Advisor

Atlantic International University

 Atlantic International University
 Academic Advisor
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Jorge Vasconcelos




        Dr. Vasconcelos got his PhD in John Hopkins University. He has a very successful life in the Academia side. He has contributed greatly to his Fields, by conducting researches and publications; and by guiding students in the path to achieve further educations. He shares the mission of the University and he is determined to do his share, in order to attain, all of the Goals.



Jorge Vasconcelos is currently a research scientist at the Institute for Security Information of the Johns Hopkins University, working in the fields of Embedded Computing Security and Computing Fundamentals Education, particularly developing undergraduate educational projects for computer architecture and mentoring students implementing IS&A applications in microcontrollers.


He is also an Academic Advisor in Atlantic International University, AIU, and a member of the Academic Council.


He received his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (with honors) from the Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation, in Mexico City in 1996, and his M.S.E. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University (May 2000 and 2008, respectively.)


His doctoral research focused in four aspects of Computer Science Education: (i) application of the constructivist paradigm to programming instruction, (ii) creation of instruments for early detection of cognitive abilities required in algorithmic problem solving, (iii) study of individual differences to promote differentiated instruction within the computer science classroom, and (iv) design of curricular models focused in problem solving and algorithmic thinking. In the future, he intends to incorporate computer architecture, hardware control, cryptography, and information security, into his research on computer education.


Jorge has taught introductory computer science for almost two decades, and published five high school textbooks for the Mexican market. While at Johns Hopkins, he has served as instructor for Summer Programs (CTY and CS department), developed the courses Algorithmic Thinking and Embedded Systems Fundamentals, and has been co-instructor of Computer Security Architectures. He has also been research assistant in Physics and Astronomy for Universum, Mexico City's science center, and IT consultant for the Office of International Students (JHU) and the Law Office of Nava-Garces (Mexico).


He received doctoral scholarships from the Fulbright Program, Encyclopedia Britannica and CONACyT (Mexican Council for Science and Technology.) He won the George M. L. Sommerman Award for teaching assistant (JHU) and an honorific mention during the Sixth Graduate Research Symposium at the College of William and Mary. He is member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the IEEE and the ACM.



Education/ Special Training:


2000 – Present           Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD              

PhD program in Computer Science

Current research: "Utilization of adaptive testing techniques to detect pre-conceptions affecting introductory programming courses.”


2002 – Present  Cleveland Institute of Electroincs   

Associate Degree in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology


1998 – 2000 Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD                                        

Master of Science and Engineering in Computer Science.


1996  Universum, Science Museum

México City                                     

Diploma on Popularization of Science


1990-1996              Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation

México City         

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Thesis' title: "Development and implementation of basic algorithms for Audio Signal Processing ".


1994    Maurer Institute 

México City                                                            

Course on Microelectronics


Others: Short courses on Computers and Education (1997), Telescope Utilization (1996), and Basic Astronomy (1995).




            English: Good writing/ Good conversation

            Spanish: Good writing/ Good conversation





2005 – 2006    Johns Hopkins University – Center for Talented Youth                               

Summer instructor of Introduction to Programming. Sites: Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
 and Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI


2000 – 2005    Johns Hopkins University –Department of Computer Science                                             

Summer instructor of Introduction to Programming in C/C++. 


1999-present  Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD                                                           

Teaching assistant of Computer Systems Fundamentals and Computer Networks

Research assistant of Dr. Masson on studying network simulators for educational purposes.


1996 – 1998    Universum, Sciences Museum

 México City                                                  

 Research assistant of the museum's technical advisor José de la Herrán


1996 – 1998    Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation

México City                                                                           

Faculty staff for undergraduate studies.  Courses taught: Data Structures, File Organization, and Program Design.


1990 – 1998    National High School

 México City                                                                                      

Instructor of Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Programming.





Programming Language II, Structured programming in C and OOP in C++.   (Textbook for high school).  Publicaciones Cultural, México. Fall 2003. ISBNs: 970-24-0549-1


  “The ethereal information age”. Techno Aspects of  Information Society and New Economy: an Overview. FORMATEX, Spain. March 2003.


Informatics, vols. I and II. (Textbook for high school).  Publicaciones Cultural, México.  Fall 2002.

ISBNs: 970-24-0279-4 (vol. 1, 137pp.) and 970-24-0280-8 (vol. 2, 149pp.).

Introduction to Computing, 2nd ed.  Publicaciones Cultural, México 1997,. 338 pages. Summer 2002.

ISBN: 970-24-0278-6.


Editorial assistant for the guide “Living in Baltimore”, published by the GRO of Hopkins. May 2002.


Computer Science internal reports: Working with Spim (tutorial), Working with Opnet Modeler (tutorial), Basic Programmers guide to Opnet Modeler, five labs for programming projects in Assembler Language, four basic labs to simulate network performance on Opnet, one lab-tutorial to create an Opnet point-to-point network from scratch. Johns Hopkins Computer Science Department, 1999-2002.


Program Construction Manual. Mexican copyright # 167841.  Electronic book (http://www.bibliodgsca.unam.mx/manuales/manual.pdf).  México 2000.


"On numbers, calculators and computers" (essay on computer’s history), Stamps of the Science vol. II FCE, México 1999.  ISBN: 968-166-088-9


 Introduction to Computing.  (Textbook for high school.)  Publicaciones Cultural, México 1997,. 330 pages.

ISBN: 968-439-873-5


Twenty articles about computer technology published in university newspapers and magazines.  University of México, 1996 - 1998.


 Seven papers published in proceedings of Mexican conferences on Computing and Informatics. 1991-1996.


  Twenty one articles published in the students´ magazine "Visión Universitaria" (Most of them about historical aspects of the University of Mexico.)  National High School, México1988 -1999




Nomination for the award Leading Educators of the World 2005, by the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, England), February 2005.


 George M.L. Sommerman Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant within the School of Engineering, JHU, May 5, 2003.


Student representing the Computer Science Department for the WSE Annual Report 2002 (September 2002)


Fellowships to realize graduate studies within the Johns Hopkins University:

1998 - Present    Computer Science department of the Johns Hopkins University    

1998 - Present     Conacyt - México Government                                                     

1998 - 2001         Fulbright Program                                                                          

1998 - 2000         Encyclopedia Britannica                                                                


Winner in the contest "Making a book of History of the Science" with a essay about computer's history.  The contest was sponsored by the Mexican Academy of Sciences, the Presidency's Council for Sciences and the National Council for Science and Technology. México 1996.


Research assistantship granted by the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT, México) to work with the investigator José de la Herrán within Mexico City’s Science Museum.


 Bachelor's thesis defense approved with honors and winner of the IX National Contest for Computer Science Dissertation, bachelor level.  México.1996.


Scholarship granted by Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation for Bachelor studies.  México 1990 - 1995


Medal "Gabino Barreda" granted by University of Mexico for highest GPA during high school.1991


Winner in contest for student's newspaper. Sponsored by National High School. México 1989.






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