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Atlantic International University is justly proud of its Academic Advisors and Assessors. Their qualifications and expertise allow us to assert that your program will be evaluated by recognized specialists in the discipline, with extensive academic experience. The advisors responsibility is to guide the student through the key steps of the academic program. Following is a partial list of current Advisors/Assessors.


Dr. Silvia Restorff,
Academic Advisor

Atlantic International University

 Atlantic International University
 Academic Advisor
 United States
 [email protected]

Silvia Restorff



            Silvia is one of our Academic Advisors at AIU. As an alumni she knows firsthand how our programs works and has the ability to help our students succeed in achieving their goals. She is a great fit to our academic team and we are proud to have her.


Education/ Special Training:



            Atlantic International University
Doctorate in Political Science


            Atlantic International University
            Master in Political Science

            Atlantic International University
            Bachelor in Political Science

            Certificate in Strategic Planning- Attorney College of Guatemala
            Seminar in "National Security Planning Workshop- NSPW"- 
            National Defense University Studies, in Washington, D.C.

            Seminar in "Evaluation of Strategic Security Plan Objectives of the Nation" 
            National Defense University, Washington, D.C

            Political Defense and Strategy Course
            National Defense University, Washington, D.C

            Seminar in "Progress of the National Security System"
            National Defense University, Washington, D.C

            Certificate in National Security Systerm Functions


Italian: Good Writing/ Good Conversation
            Spanish: Good Writing/ Good Conversation



Work/Volunteer Experience:



Atlantic International University
Honolulu, HI

            Academic Advisor


      Centurion Security
      Consultant and Marketing Manager 

      Advisor of the Planning Advisory Commission and the National Security Council

National Defense University
       Vice-president of the Alumni Association


       National Defense University
Investigative Assistant in Security

       Subdirector to the International Corporation and Academic Development


Professional Advisor
      Educational Ministry in Germany
      Public Worker

      TRANSFAIR Products
      Spinnrad Employee

      Universidad Popular of Stuttgart, Germany
      Spanish Professor     

       Universidad Popular of Friedberg, Germany
       Spanish Professor      




















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