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Requirements to receive Honors at AIU - June-15-2010
At AIU we are very proud of our graduates.

At AIU we are very proud of our graduates.

We know that they have worked hard to not only complete a high quality academic program, but also through their efforts and dedication have contributed to improve the quality of life of the community where they live.

That is why we consider it appropriate to inform the Educational Family at AIU about the criteria used by AIU’s Academic Board to grant Honors to a specific student.
Declarative non-exhaustive requirements for obtaining a degree from AIU with HONORS:

1. Have a minimum GPA of 3.75

2. Have a special recommendation from his/her Academic Advisor to receive honors.

3. Have published at least one research paper from their curriculum. The publication can be made through several alternatives:

• Publication of a printed book: Submit a copy of the cover page which states his/her name and a brief description of the book published.
• Article published in a specialized magazine/s: Submit a copy of the document where it shows the name of the author’s and co-authors.
• Official Procedures Manual: Submit a copy of the cover page which states his/her name and a brief description of the Manual and the aim pursued.
• Participation in Congress: Demonstrate that the knowledge acquired through his/her program at AIU has been presented at Congress with World recognition. Submit memoirs of Congress which verifies his/her participation and a brief description of the application of knowledge mentioned in that Congress.

4. Demonstrate that, through their studies in the AIU program, the student has a positive and significant impact in the community, city or country where he/she lives: Submit a description of how his/her participation has had a positive impact in the community. Describe the practical applications of the various courses you have completed at AIU and its impact. Present examples to support it.

5. Obtaining a Patent: Submit a copy of the certificate showing that the student has registered the patent, as well as, a brief description of the patent and how it relates to the curriculum that the student has completed at AIU.

6. Starting a new institution, company, NGO, Foundation, etc.: Submit the necessary documentation which states that the student is part of the mentioned company or organization. Submit a brief description of how the knowledge acquired during the program has allowed the student to establish the new entity.

Once you submit the documentation described above, the Academic Council shall evaluate and determine the merit of granting the Honors or not to the candidates. If the evaluation is positive, the Academic Board will appoint one of the following three levels of honors:

• Cum Laude
• Summa Cum Laude
• Magna Cum Laude

If approved, these honors will be included in the student’s AIU diploma

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