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1st International Architecture Biennial 2012 Edition of Atlantic International University. - July-23-2011
It is with great pleasure on behalf of Atlantic International University, its Faculty of Science and Engineering and its School of Architecture, invites you to the 1st International Architecture Biennale to be held on January 3, 2012 until March 30, 2012 through the interactive page

To The Whole AIU Academic Community:

It is with great pleasure on behalf of Atlantic International University, its Faculty of Science and Engineering and its School of Architecture, invites you to the 1st International Architecture Biennale to be held on January 3, 2012 until March 30, 2012 through the interactive page, For this event, we have invited all students from the School of Architecture at AIU to submit their design proposals framed within a humanitarian, and in an international operation to rebuild the nation of Haiti devastated by an earthquake in 2009. For this Biennial, we are making history as the first call for a biennale of Architecture at an International level, and it will be the first time a biennial presents itself at a complete virtual level through the link above. You would be working for this great event, where architectural students from various countries around the world will exhibit their work under one goal.

For this event, AIU, through its technical and administrative staff, is working hard to ensure the success of this event which is certainly a milestone in the international architectural community and exposes in the eyes of the world the academic and professional quality that comes from AIU.

All works submitted will be reviewed by internationally renowned architects invited to the event. Each proposal will be evaluated within the following categories:

·         Social Housing: One of the major problems that the earthquake caused in Haiti was that about a million people were left homeless. This is a result of extreme poverty that exists in the country. For this category students are asked that their proposals include the following parameters;

·         Self-sustaining Structures: Use the design parameters of Green Buildings, where you maximize the use of sunlight, rain, construction materials, to generate a more eco-friendly architecture to the environment.

·         Weather Considerations: Haiti as part of the Indian archipelago has favorable characteristics as a constant tropical climate during the 365 days of the year, but is also very vulnerable to natural events, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and prolonged rain events, causing severe flooding and landslides. For this, each design submitted must take this into consideration; to present a project that is economically sustainable and at the same time safe to any adversity.

·         Architecturally Pleasing Homes: Will be asking AIU students to submit within their proposals for affordable housing, a proposal that is an inviting, harmonious with the environment and creates an environment that affects the community and individual behavior.

·         Institutional: Under this category, we will ask students to develop project proposals in the following areas:

·         Government: Government Buildings, such as:

o    Presidential Building

o    Municipalities

o    Security

§  Police Station

§  Fire Station

§   Army Barracks

§  Emergency Center

§  Jails and Prisons

o   Schools

o   Government Center

o   Sports Centers

·          Post-Secondary Educational Institutions

·         Universities

·         Technical Colleges

·          Career Center

·         Museums

·         Libraries

·         Medical Centers: All medical centers will be developed according to all international health standards. From Medical Centers; primary, secondary and specialized.

·         Religious: For this category the student is asked to submit proposals in line with religious beliefs that exist in the country. For this, the student must conduct a preliminary investigation on the different religions practiced in the area and form a proposal according to a particular religion.

·         Tourism: For this category, the student will be asked to submit proposals to develop the tourism industry in Haiti. Within the tourism development there are a variety of sub categories to be developed;

o    Hotel

§  Luxury Hotels

§  Affordable  Hotels

§  Hostels

§  Coastal Center

§  Marine Villas

§  Golf Courses

§  Spa

For this category will give the student an opportunity to submit proposals to boost a tourism industry, to make this one of the main economic resources of the Republic of Haiti.

·          Industrial Development: For this category the student is requested to submit proposals to encourage industries in the following categories;

o    Pharmaceuticals

o    Technology

o    Agricultural

o   Construction

o   Manufacturing

o   Recycling

For this category the student is free to approach various global industries that are interested in investing in the industrial development of the Island.

·         Restoration and Preservation: This category focuses on the restoration and revitalization of the historic sites of the island and heads towards tourism development. For this category the student must do some research on the historical moment; when the historic structures were developed, construction methods, and establish effective methods for restoration.

·          Open Category: For this category, it will give the student and opportunity to develop unconventional architectural projects but necessary for community life in Haiti.

For this biennial, an itinerary has been established which will give students the opportunity to develop their proposals. This itinerary has some deadlines in which the proposals may be developed without affecting your study schedule. This timetable was established in the letter of invitation to students of architecture in advance notice.

The awards and special mentions are under development and will be communicated in subsequent communications.

We remind students that the registration is free of charge, and should only be done so by writing an email to;
[email protected] and provide the following information:

·          Full name

·          Country of Origin

·          Number of students

·          Level of program.

·         Category in which you want to participate.

You are cordially invited to the 1st International Architecture Biennial 2012 edition of Atlantic International University. See you soon.

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