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Student with a visual impairment obtains his degree - December-11-2012
On Thursday November 22, 2012, student of AIU, Luis Eliseo Orozco earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in a solemn graduation ceremony held in the city of Guatemala

On Thursday November 22, 2012, student of AIU, Luis Eliseo Orozco earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in a solemn graduation ceremony held in the city of Guatemala. The graduation of Luis Orozco constitutes as an act that is necessary to highlight due to his visual impairment, making it necessary to explain his story to serve as an inspiration to other students around the world.

           In June 2008, after leaving work, Luis was driving his car with his family and suddenly heard bullets firing. Without warning, he found himself in the middle of gunfire, resulting in an injury to the face that left him blind.

Luis spent a year and a half in recovery and adapting to his new lifestyle. With a well-fortified inner attitude, he decides to face new challenges and use all the resources to lead the Blind Association in Guatemala and remain a productive man. He returned to work in January 2010 in the same company that he worked at, which opened their doors again, assigning him administrative functions. His new approach to life: A formation that offers new challenges where he can concentrate his best efforts to a professional life.

He enrolls as a student in AIU in February 2010, in the Bachelor of Business Administration program.

From his own experience as a student and as a person who is blind, states: "My enrollment in AIU was a great personal challenge but also a great challenge for the University, which at that time took responsibility for making all the classes accessible for an visual impairment. Throughout the process of my studies there were a few times that I had no supporting material available for my condition; however the professionalism of all the advisors in the school exhibition and my perseverance in them eased the lack of such material. Largely available were classes, homework and exams in digital format which facilitated the process of knowledge acquisition while validating my experience in the business environment".

Fulfilling one of his biggest dreams, he finalizes successfully and with honors his professional career in a solemn and moving graduation ceremony in Guatemala City.
Surrounded by his peers, family and guests, directs a speech to the audience, noting that his first decision being visually impaired was to find inner peace which he needed, then decided to focus on the new capabilities that could develop and continue fighting for a better future for himself, for his family and for others who have suffered the tragedy of being victims of violence or who have visual disabilities.

Evidence of his humanity is his graduation project named: "Pre-Investment Study level profile of a carpenter who offers custom furniture in zone four of the Mixco Township, the department of Guatemala," work that was approved by excellence .

In his message for AIU Luis Orozco said: "Completing my professional studies is an experience of which this University forms a major part".

His story should serve as an inspiration to all of us. And as cliché as it may sound, this is proof that no matter the circumstances, we can all achieve what we desire as long as we put our minds to it.

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