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Club UNESCO - March-30-2014
AIU is Part of Clubs UNESCO

We feel proud to be able to share a very special achievement for Atlantic International University.

A few months ago we were invited to participate in UNESCO CLUBS and we are now part of this important institution.

Since the beginning, AIU’s philosophy has coincided with the one from the United Nations and UNESCO.  Their visions and objective go hand in hand with those of AIU.

UNESCO’s Club objectives are as follow:

a. To promote international understanding and education with an emphasis in special attention to human rights and to the Sustainable Development of all people.

b. Encourage dialogue between nations for the main purpose of promoting mutual understanding between different cultures and civilizations.

c. Promote the use of science and technology for peaceful purposes, for the welfare of humanity.

d. Promote in all societies the respect of the rights of each individual, of all people,  and to their cultural identity as well as the respect for cultural diversity.

e. Ensure the human activities that will help in the preservation of natural environments for present and future generations.

AIU has initiated the converging of activities that will continue to promote the philosophy of Human Rights and Andragogy. We have already attended meetings held by Unesco Club in Mexico and New York in order to offer our contributions from the educational field.

At AIU we are convinced that the best way to fight poverty, inequality, violence, terrorism, etc… is through education.

We will be reporting AIU’s specific participation to Unesco Clubs in order to provide you with the opportunity to voluntarily join this important mission. There are some future meetings and activities to be held in Brazil, China and Mexico.

Again, this is an achievement that all students, advisors, tutors and General Staff of AIU have successfully accomplished.

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