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Tamba Emmanuel Foyoh, Bachelor of Human Resources - May-14-2009
I have no regret going through this University. It was an eye opener t

Dear Fellow Students,


It is with pleasure to write and share my experience with you about “The Atlantic International University”. Few years back, after completing my “Diploma Course in Peace and Conflict Studies, in 2004, my next dream was to pursue a degree Course in order to re-enforce my foundation.


I then began to search out for good and quality institution where to pursue this dream. I came across the “Atlantic International University”, I then applied. From the requirements I was asked for, I came to conclusion that it an institution worth applying to.

Coming to my experience, I have no regret going through this University. It was an eye opener to me. Although it was a distant learning system which I went through, yet it was like I was directly in the class room with you people. Because it was a full time programme, with little or no time to rest due to my assignments and research works.


At the same time, I was in constant touch with staff members who were very helpful to me. AIU is truly an academic giant. Passing through its programmes makes you not only academically strong, but, a force to reckon with.


As I have stated earlier on, its staff members are not ordinary lecturers, they are very caring for their Students, and always would like see their Students succeed in their academic fields. That was the type of encouragement I was given. Imagine a man working full time; he has to do his assignments, at the same time go to work the next day.

It was not easy. But, my thanks go to these wonderful people, the staff who gave me every support to reach where I am today, a degree holder.


Learning is determination, and your willingness to do it. Believe you me. With what I have achieved in “Atlantic International University, it is worth more than what I spent to achieve it.


It is therefore my pleasure with pride to tell you my fellow Students, and all other intending Students, that my University, the “Atlantic International University of Miami,

Honolulu is one of the “BEST in the world. It can give you the best of the best in terms of academic achievement. Apply now, you won’t regret you did.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Tamba Emmanuel Foyoh


ID #: UB5581HDP11721

Programme: Bachelor’s Degree – Human Resources (Diplomacy)

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