Testimonials at AIU for Saturday, January 28, 2023


Jose Ngonga Kassola Luis, Bachelor of Geology - May-29-2009
This unique Institution for superior and quality of education carried

First able I want to thank you all staff at Atlantic International University (AIU).

This is a single moment that I have the opportunity to outline words describing what I have learned at AIU during the process of attending the courses within this exceptional university in world.


 This unique Institution for superior and quality of education carried me to what I had not think in past, the new viewing the world, thinking positively, doing things in right manner and mean time, having participation in academic meetings in my country (Angola), and I’m now the prepared person that can do what noted people in world are doing, thank again ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, or simply AIU.


This is again the right university for Africa, America, Asia, and Europe or for all continents in world, but for Africa it will help and lift the thinking of African to way for development.


I have attended the University (AIU), which I recommended for all people in world who needs the better and quality education or study, to clear all doubt in mind, and gain more hope for the future.


AIU (Atlantic International University), has the right person teacher (advisors) for all “etnia” or color in world they do not separate people, I had all the right that any other student had, and I’m just enthusiastic at this moment.


I just have to say that God exist and help me to meet and pursue what the necessary education at Atlantic International University (AIU).


The enthusiasm become sized yet, when I saw the name of Atlantic International University (AIU), on Schlumberger Company, website for those seeking job as the number one on list of Universities, and when I knocked the doors (contacted) some  Universities,  for my education continuing, and they replied quickly after few days, saying that “You have attended the recognized and respected University and so we accept you here”, Atlantic International University is the superior University for you who are seeking for better University, like I did.


To finalize my special thanks to Dr. Franklin Valcin, Dr. Jose Mercado, for these fathers I owned lot for them, as they made me now Jose Kassola, and the man... your patience on replying to my messages, doubt, boring questions that I directed to you both dears I will not forget you and believe me God is already blessing you.


Thank you AIU words are not appearing right now…I just have gained a huge experience from you all.










Jose Ngonga Kassola Luis

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