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Catherine Njeri Makumi, Bachelor of Health Care Administration - June-23-2009
I was very afraid how I was to start the program without a teacher, wi

How glad I am to have enrolled at Atlantic International University, it has been a dream come true. Years had passed by, but I did not know how I could upgrade myself without leaving my job. I had given up because I concluded that it was not possible.


Then after applying, instantly a phone came at night, and I knew it was real. I was gently guided into how I would start and enroll, but to me it seemed very difficult, but I was guided step by step until I enrolled.


I was very afraid how I was to start the program without a teacher, without asking questions and explanation, I was feeling lost. My first assignment was about adult learning (Andragogy) and children learning (pedagogy). This assignment was an eye opener, and I realize I could make it and I felt encouraged to know there are other adults who had done what I was about to do and succeeded. In addition I thought my brain could not cope with the work load, but as I proceeded, I felt my brain was awaked and there I was and there was no turning back.


My next problem was how I was to get time to read, do my assignments, and continue my full-time job, but as I started, I realized I had a lot of unused time and I made use of it.


It has been such a wonderful experience to learn at AIU. The assignments were appropriate and enjoyable and the advisor guided me with a lot of patience as I had troubles either by handing over my assignments or not fully understanding the communication channels.


I feel any person who wants to upgrade their professional skills should enroll at Atlantic International University distance learning; it is easier than you would imagine. I work at Horn (East) of Africa and the University is at Hawaii, the distance is very wide, but it has been possible.


I liked the promptness of my advisor and of the academic staff. It challenged me to be prompt with my assignments most of the times. However, I was let to do things at my own speed. I remember one time my advisor writing and telling me ‘please hand over this assignment when you are ready’. I was having trouble figuring out how to go about the assignment. That encouraged me to move on and it reminded me, no one was hurrying me. This is a great University to learn from.


After going through these courses, I have gained self-control, confidence, time management, value of time and an urge to continue learning. This I know could not have been possible in the Traditional Universities.  I have improved the way I work now, and for this, in May, 2009, I was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the hospital for the contributions I have made to Nursing and Midwifery development. This is only the beginning.


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