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Uwaila Conrad Ekhator, Bachelor of Computer Science - October-5-2009
I found that my experience with AIU was great, it helps me to be more



I am a young man of dream, a dream that someday I will earn my Bachelors, Masters and Phd degree and as a result of my financial background, a man of petty bourgeoises. I have tried working hard to make saving for going back to school till this  beautiful and lovely day as God will have it in saving me and bring me from stalk illiteracy, a cousin of mine gave me a call telling me of a school that I can complete my academy irrespective of the country I am and first I thought it was a lie and I decided to give it a try and as a young man who has faced a lot of hassles, obstacles in life and has worked so hard to make ends meet and having younger ones looking unto. I thought in mind that what will it then be of now if I go back to schooling what will I make out of it when I felt am still not financially buoyant. So, I decided to take a bold step toward filling the form reluctantly and to my greatest surprise I received a call from this great school “AIU” and I was been attended to so warmly and that burst my spirit up that I have heard such a warm welcome like this for a long time that I was stuck for words at the very first time and I spoke my heart to the registrar named  Anel Santiago”  who later helped me in making a choice of study, the help I long searched for came but from God Almighty the only giver of everything good in life arrived and showed me  and this is how my journey to a beautiful and bright future began


At the very beginning I was scared that how am I going to start this studies when is been a long time I had book on my hands when it comes to really studies and though I was working with a company that required of me of auditing but it was not an easy thing any way so, I began to manage in my doing studies after been admitted into AIU and assigned a lovely and wonderful counselor named Lynne Fukuda who always encourages me and the full strength came into my life as the encourages kept coming in and she gave to me the necessary guide which really had helped me in source of having the best grade in my studies and  that was how I have been able to have my bachelors degree without much stress, and by God’s grace am working on my Master now and also looking forward in having my Phd right here in “AIU I found that my experience with AIU was great it helps me to be more independent, responsible and it also helps me to gain more confidence in my capabilities and that I can achieve more and more without the need to get  away from any challenges of life, my  family and my obligation as man


AIU also offers scholarships, when one is due for it, is abound to be granted by AIU academic department. I am a living witness because i was granted one which had enable me to successful did well based on the AIU Act that governs students from third world countries but especially African nation.


As dreams have no borders or limits, I dream now of resuming my Doctoral Degree in AIU which will also for sure will be another great experience and I say thank God for dreams comes true and thanks to AIU and my wonderful counselor, Lynne Fukuda. I say thank you and to AIU a big thanks to you.


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