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Linda Naa Ayikaakor Tetteh, Master of Human Resources - April-2-2010
I appreciate the convenience of studying in the comfort of my home whi




I transferred to AIU mainly because I was tired of too much political correctness at my previous school, plus having to take courses that were in no way applicable to my major. Having to take some courses with a definite evangelical "bent" caused me to look at my own beliefs and ideas. The result was worth "the price of admission". The courses themselves are demanding and the instructors responsive. The admission process was simple and smooth. Emails are normally answered within 48 hours. Bottom line, keep an open mind and you will be rewarded with a great learning experience. You don't have to be "born again" to enjoy a great (and highly respected) education.

I began with A.I.U.  when I decided to continue with my education to fit comfortably into the job market. I did some checking around and a couple of friends recommended A.I.U. Distance Learning program. Of course, like any other school, A.I.U. has it's pros and cons.. The admission process was fairly smooth for me. The distance learning programme  were without a doubt challenging, which I'm happy about. I didn't want a degree that was going to be a breeze and would not pay off in the future. Whether in school or the workplace, people will always have different views. We need to get used to this fact and learn how to work together to achieve a common goal, regardless of how we feel about certain things. I never let it bother me.

As with any good university, a certain level of maturity, initiative and research is expected from all potential students. Just like life, nothing and nobody is perfect and occasional mistakes are to be expected. I guess my service in the banking industry  has allowed me to set high standards and to expect the same from others.

You are required to produce high quality  papers and communicate knowledgeably with your academic advisor, which is excellent. The professors read your discussion boards as well and you are expected to post substantially to the discussion - not just a few terse comments. A.I.U.provides access to online library databases where you may research your topics. Be prepared to work consistently for your degree. In the end, you will find yourself very well prepared to handle new positions in your field or to publish scholarly materials. Personally, I became so used to the high quality standards at A.I.U. that I am disappointed when I encounter professionals with lower expectations.

I appreciate the convenience of studying in the comfort of my home which offers me flexibility around my job and my family, although I must be very self-disciplined. The courses are very flexible. Some required more work & others less. There is a great deal of support from the instructor, or  academic advisors. I experience a great deal of student interaction which I was pleasantly surprised, as I did not expect interaction on a distant learning study program. It is great to meet and learn from other students who are located all over the world. Overall, A.I.U.distant learning programme has been a very positive experience for me and is helping me grow in my career.

Of course,they will not hold your hand,and they should not,after all,we are adults,however;they will assist,direct and offer constructive suggestions. Its such a wonderful university.As an African ,that's not an easy thing to say about a university,because I have had three,terrible experiences. A.I.U. is truly unique.They really care about their students.

It was really flexible for me to work full-time and go to school full-time, which is the best part about A.I.U. I didn't have to sign on at a particular time or like 4 times a week or anything. As long I finished my assignments on time, I was able to enjoy my weekends with my family.

The caring staff goes far and beyond to assist students in need. They demonstrated compassion.

The courses are set up to challenge the mind and prepare participants for the future.

Also, many of the Masters programs which are offered online require some intensive courses that you must take pays to check out ALL the information on your own. You don't have to  rely on someone to do it for you.

The courses are challenging, the academic advisors are attentive and the administrative staff has always been helpful. I would highly recommend this sc

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