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Patrick Kanyolo Ngumbi, PhD in Information Technology - April-28-2010
My study at AIU has been full of excitement, fulfillment and was chara

My Experience With AIU


My study at AIU has been full of excitement, fulfillment and was characterized by difficult study time. I was excited because it has been my dream since 1991 when I completed my Master of Science degree to take on a doctorate level degree and perfect skills for research in my area of interest It was quite fulfilling time for me because besides enhanced knowledge base on my area of study, I came across better ways and approaches to problems I have been encountering in place of work especially concerning information security. It was all difficult time on me because the study requirements and the strict office deadlines required me at the same time. Having completed my Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology, I can admit here that this proved to me to be among the best environments and scenarios for serious and effective learning and obtaining education to self.


My decision to enroll for an online doctorate degree at AIU was preceded by several considerations. First of all my office requirements in the job which I needed to keep, could not allow time to dedicate to studies only. It meant that the kind of program of study to pursue my dream was restricted. Secondly, financial commitments were demanding making choice of a regular program not possible. In the midst of several choices, I decided an online program of study would befit my situation especially if the cost is affordable. AIU fitted this very well and right away after coming across information in the internet I applied and on admission enrolled for my dream area of study, the information technology focusing most in information security. To help things for me, AIU gave me a partial scholarship coupled with favorable payment terms.


The virtual library of the University made my study effort enjoyable and was responsible for the fulfillment I derived from the studies. It has excellent and up to date reference materials. You can investigate any topic and get any lead to any content using the library facility. Further, the library is kept improving to modern facilities and means. I found the library very relevant to my study endeavor and I can bet the other students enrolled in AIU did same.


My studies were very much influenced by problems I encountered at work in information security and subsequently my research endeavor followed this line. I was able to complete my studies with the assistance of my academic advisor Dr. Franklin Valcin, the faculty staff and last but not least the administrative staff at AIU. Dr. Valcin was strict but fair and ensured standards and education substance were met and kept within the international standards for a doctorate level education and research. The faculty on one side and the administrative staff on the other did a marvelous work on my study effort to make it possible. I found this team not only professional but admirable, which personally inspired me very much and I would recommend AIU to anyone looking for higher level of education.


I am grateful to all at the University as I look forward to partnering with them in a better and prosperous world full of informed culture.



Patrick Kanyolo Ngumbi

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