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Quintin Berestford Small, Bachelor in Finance - June-7-2010
I can proudly say that my objectives at AIU are met. At the beginning

Dear Sirs:


My experience at AIU has been a thrilling and exciting one. Right from the moment I received the first response from Rina Lehnhoff, one of AIU Admissions Counselor, I knew I was in for business, hard work and great experience. Value for time was learnt at AIU and that developed an inner motivation that drove me to the finish line. My academic advisor Dr. Gilroy Newball was excellent with deep sense of understanding, tutorship and professionalism. His encouragement, patient, and constant appraisal and his motivational statements kept me going. He guided me to excellent, and as I look back, I can proudly say that my objectives at AIU are met. At the beginning of my studies, I wrote: “At the end of the program I should have been able to grasp the full essence of finance and capable enough to serve in any management team no matter the magnitude. Becoming well articulated in the aspect of finance with good presentation skills that would budge or fascinate audience, say possible market or business partners, with convincing organizational skills demonstrated in the ability to clearly analyze and solve business/financial/management problems. Discretion is crucial in any organizational set up; being able to be discretional in matters relating to finance, confidentialities and personnel with the professional ethical code fully observe is of great value. To be able to be innovational with a good sense of thinking that will immensely contribute to any given situation within the frame wall of financial operations.” And as I assess things now, I will proudly say AIU has made me an academic knight.


The staff of AIU is a unique family of great care and deep understanding. Questions and enquires are answered with immediate alacrity and I was assured of the best counsel in all of their communication. There are few, if any like AIU in the field of learning. I was in charged of my studies all through the program. My advisor respected my opinion and he never forced anything on me. The flexibility of the programs at AIU, the leverage to be master over and what you study, and the ready availability and access to information were just too excellent.


Learning in most traditional universities can be likening to a man being forced to chew the flesh and bones of a chicken when the desired and required nutrient for growth lies only in the flesh. Unnecessary time is wasted on issues that have little bearing to one’s field of studies, unlike the Atlantic International University; they served only the required and desired nutrients that are good for growth, professional excellent and efficiency in service.  My time at AIU have been well spent, well rewarded, and well supported. I look forward to have a come back for another milestone of academic journey.


Thank you AIU, you have made me a force to reckon with. To folks out there looking for satisfaction in higher learning of education and academic excellent, AIU is the place to enroll. You are guaranteed to come out equipped as I am equipped to solve institutional problems, and I have added value to my life. Once more I say Thank you to AIU. 




Quintin B. Small

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