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Mathew Saili, Master of Mechanical Engineering - June-29-2010
. I call this a three dimensional learning experience because it open


I am a professionally a Mechanical Engineer and I have worked in various industries mainly the mining, Railway and Construction Industry mainly in Maintenance and construction projects.

Since I was on full time employment all the time since my first degree, I was continually thinking to myself how I could advance my academic carrier while still in practical employment. I had an idea about e-learning in some parts of the world but it was not on offer down here in Africa, Zambia.

Fortunately in 2008 I had a friend an Engineer who also thought the same way and one day he spoke to me about AIU distance learning opportunities. He said that he had been enrolled and he did not have to worry about finances because the university had emphasis on Andrology and flexible learning durations, and flexible payment terms depending on what one can afford. He gave me the web address and I tried it, because I was confident he was a studious person.

True to his words my application was accepted and I was enrolled in the School of Science and Engineering for Master in Industrial Engineering. Infact from the very start I was given a very committed academic adviser who initially advised me that I had great potential to even take up a combined duo program with a PHD. Because I really wanted to see some results I opted to do a straight Master’s program first.

From then I have been studying and submitting assignments, despite the heavy demanding work load from my work place. I made extensive consultations on the AIU library, our local University and the internet to research on the courses that I could do to give an international competitive edge. I draw up a curriculum and the adviser was so helpful to accept the program.

It is very true the University truly is interested first in your academic progress and I got great motivational words from my advisers, I really thank them all, and I would encourage all to take up this wonderful experience, that is so conducive for adults especially. I call this a three dimensional learning experience because it open your mind and experience in all fields of human endeavor because you are developed from areas of interest additional to the core courses. This is important because we can made a holistic approach to world challenges especially here in third world Africa were we are still faced with enormous challenges.

The online library has just been a great tool it just open the whole intellectual world to you on your figure tips. I look forward to continuing to benefit from this knowledge and I hope others can pick up from the information that I have submitted and learned.

In a nut shall I can say that the sky is the limit I will continue to pursue knowledge and excellence through the Atlantic International university (AIU).

Mathew Saili.

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