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Aiham Radhi Haider Al Rikabi, Doctor of Business Management - July-8-2010
My study with AIU turned production of content into a repeatable and d

As I completed my study with AIU in program of “Business Management Doctorate”, I found AIU’s program very progressive and interesting. I felt freely with the time of study and I had flexible program to do my study in any time and any where I had been.

The fast support from the student advisor and the well done student section desktop were very helpful for me to finish my study with full satisfaction.

Considering the hug data base in AIU’s library, it was perfect.

Studying with AIU is the process of creating an educational experience of equal qualitative value for the learner to best suit their needs outside the classroom. With the recent trend of technological advance, as a distance learning is becoming more recognized for its potential in providing individualized attention and communication with students internationally.


Generally, studying with AIU seen as an approach that is at least complementary and under certain circumstances an appropriate substitute for the face-to-face methods. While its benefits can be evaluated by technical, social and economic criteria, distance learning methods also have their own pedagogical merit, leading to different ways of conceiving knowledge generation and acquisition.


As I think educational institutions may adopt distance education as a means to adapt to the rapid changes in technology being used in education today. In distance education, there is less expenses, so it is modernizing more often than full-time education.

So, I will argument the positive things in distance education especially with AIU. In my opinion, the main positive points are: new set of challenges, opportunities and practical realities, cost reduction, free from the constrains of time and place, increased access and flexibility, possible to generate new patterns of teaching and learning, different ways of conceiving knowledge generation and acquisition, overcome barriers and globalization of distance.

I think that long distance studies give new challenges, opens new doors in education world.

My study with AIU turned production of content into a repeatable and durable learning tool that does not require as much infrastructure. As most material can be packaged in an easy to deliver "just-in-time" format.

I found that the study with AIU open new fields of experiences in front of me  and increased access and flexibility as well as the combination of work and education.


It means more freedom of learning, of access- the barriers that may be overcome by distance learning include not only geographical distance, but also other confining circumstances, such as personal constraints, cultural and social barriers and lack of educational infrastructure.


Study with AIU, create a variety of interactive experiences. And it can be both exciting and rewarding to some, while frustrating and discouraging to others.


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