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Kanbak Christyn Labar, Bachelor of Social Work - August-4-2010
As a student, I was “forced” to be active and creative because this is



I want to begin by saying a big thank you to all academic and administrative staff members of AIU especially to all those who were advisors during my time as a student; Keren Feliciano, Viridiana Carreno, Dr. Lucia Gorea and to everyone who in one way or the other was part of my success at AIU, also for assisting me with the scholarship program.

Thank you very much.

I personally see AIU not just as an academic institution but also as a social work organization, this is because, AIU seeks to help individuals achieve their dreams in life.

AIU brings out the creativity of its students and gives hope. This was my experience as a student.

During my time of study, I was faced with lots of challenges; these challenges came as a result of AIU paradigm which uniquely and completely involves the student in the learning process, especially that which required me to design my curriculum.

As a student, I was “forced” to be active and creative because this is directly linked to my success. In order words, I determine what I get from the school through my choices, my dedication, my commitment and my consistency.

AIU not only teaches you to succeed, but teaches you to also help others succeed, their learning system creates leaders through the process of sustainability.

The mission statement of AIU is thus: “To be a learning institution committed to propagating pathways for greater cultural development using methods that are sustainable, in order reach the optimal administration of the individual, the world and the environment, while upholding and respecting human rights to achieve a higher level of cultural and human evolution.”

I can say authoritatively that this is exactly what I have achieved in AIU, AIU allowed me to act and craft my programs based on my aspirations, my career and my future plans, AIU has helped to develop me culturally, academically (through their choices of courses) and technologically- through distant learning and the use of computers and the internet.

AIU is a well organized institution. I could monitor my progress as a student; I had the opportunity of accessing the online library which is packed full with valuable materials. I was able to see my transcript each and every day if I so wish.

My assignments were graded promptly and my questions and comments were attended to on time also.

Finally, AIU looks beyond the academic knowledge; it values ones practical knowledge and experiences. This is indeed very important.

I am so proud to be a part of this great institution and I intend to keep up with my relationship with AIU.


Kanbak Christyn Labar









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