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Judian Vasanthakumar s/o David Manickam, Doctor of Education - November-23-2010
Atlantic International University has offered me an effervescent dista

My Experience with Alantic International University


Atlantic International University has offered me an effervescent distance-education mode of study which is very impressive but the quintessential question still ponders on one’s mind – IS AIU’s DISTANCE EDUCATION REALLY THAT GOOD?


The best and the most rational way to approach this question is by of a personal view which I believe would be a view representing the many adult learners like me.

First of all, on behalf of all the adult learners be it current and potential, I must thank the Atlantic International University (AIU) for being able to provide me the direction to pursue my Doctorate in Education through on-line/ distance-education method.

This has become possible by way of andragogy which consists of learning strategies focused on adults. It is a study method that interprets as the process of engaging adult learners with the structure of learning experience which was originally used by Alexander Kapp (a German educator) in 1833, and later developed into a theory of adult education by the American educator Malcolm knowles in turn asserted that andragogy (Greek: "man-leading") should be distinguished from the more commonly used pedagogy (child-leading).

His theory really reflects on the motivation of adult learning which basically rests on six main foundations that I truly experienced and enjoyed with AIU. Hence, these very stable and fundamental foundations rendered by AIU must be mentioned.

In my educational experience with (AIU), I had come to understand the concept of Need to Know. This philosophy gave me the opportunity to realise the need to know the reason for learning something. By this realisation, I was put in an enlightened standing at the start of doctoral perusal.

Secondly, the Experience aspect allowed me to include the understanding of the errors I have made in both my personal and professional life. This quality endowed me with the foundation for learning activities which inevitably gaves me the leading edge in pursuing knowledge.

Thirdly, through this mode of andragogy, I was made to be personally Responsible for my decisions on education which involved planning and evaluation my instructions. This bubbling concept had certainly given me the idea of self-concept.

Fourthly, I am now experiencing the concept of Relevance where the distance-education programme allowed me to be interested in my learning subjects and this focused interest prepared me to be ready for both challenges and opportunities in my learning dimension.

Fifthly, my adult learning experience through AIU’s programme to date is Problem-centred rather than content-oriented. When I first started my doctoral programme with AIU, this mould of learning orientated me to perceive the whole picture as compared to the fragmented jig-saw, as regards to the content of my learning.

Finally, through this distance education programme and the complimenting andragogy method I was surely and steadily beginning to feel the enlightening and positive aspects of motivators, both internal and external.

This certainly kept me motivated throughout my programme amidst my daunting personal and career schedules. To compliment this is to say that I had always kept myself awake till the wee hours of morning to commit myself into the required assignments even after a hard day’s work!  

Having mentioned the aforesaid, I am certain that the distance-education programme in conjunction with the andragogy method offered by the Atlantic International University will put anyone in good stead both professionally and personally.

It has certainly done for me for which I am truly thankful to AIU and prideful of the fact that it is my alma-mater.


Judian Vasanthakumar s/o David Manickam

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