TV program in Gambia

June 01, 2014. Our graduate student Abdou L. J. Jammeh is currently organizing a weekly program on a National Radio and Television Station in Gambia.

The program is called ‘Fanta Science and Mathematics Competition’ and all Senior Secondary Schools in the Country participate. You can watch it live every Saturday from 11:00-12:00 pm GMT and Wednesdays at 6:00-7:00 pm GMT.

You can also watch it through the website or via YouTube: GAMGRTS. Look for the Fanta science and mathematics quiz/competition and you will see our graduate student, Abdou, sitting at the center of two groups of great contestants with school uniforms.

Abdou has recently completed a Masters program in Education. We are very proud of his achievements and we hope that he continues with this success.

Graduate’s works published

Jun 08, 2014. AIU wants to congratulate one of our students, Regina Maambo for her recent achievement. Regina has written five articles that she has developed during her studies with AIU, which have been recognized and published through Social Science Research Network.

Her works are the following:
Research Methods cfm?abstract_id=2420040
Strategic Project Management cfm?abstract_id=2420033
Impact of Projects on Livestock Diseases in East Africa: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of AU-IBAR Projects on Livestock Diseases cfm?abstract_id=2446802
Project Law cfm?abstract_id=2420062
Project Management Leadership cfm?abstract_id=2419996

Regina completed a Doctorate program in Project Management in AIU.

Thesis published

May 25, 2014. AIU wants to congratulate one of our graduates, Stephen Tangwe. His thesis on “Performance Monitoring and Modeling of Heat Pump Water Heater” has been published as a book by the LAMBERT Academic Publishing. “This book deals with the performance monitoring and development of mathematical models to predict the coefficient of performance using different predictors.” His book will soon be available for purchase through his publisher with the following ISBN: 978-3-659-54375-3 at Stephen completed a Masters program of Electrical Engineering at AIU. We are very proud of you Stephen and we wish you more success in your professional projects.

Graduation Ceremony

june 2014

Jose Mauricio Quintanilla Zapata
Bachelor of Science Information Systems
Willian Leonicio Rivadeneira Caldas
Doctor of Philosophy Education
Doreen Ngonda
Doctor of Management
Mary Mogolo Mabotho
Doctor of Human Resources
Michael Chengwi Neba
Master of Science Information Technology
Ndifor George Tala
Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
Gilson Luiz Dos Santos Pinheiroz
Bachelor of Psychology
Liu HongZe
Bachelor of Business Administration
Eduardo Alcala Kwan o
Bachelor of Education Teaching and Learning
Iván Rojas Ayalao
Doctor of Project Management Management Columbia
Julio Flórez Oses
Master of Science Mechanical Engineering
Luz Marina Cano Molano
Master of Education Education
Luz Marina Cano Molano
Doctor of Education Education
Manuel Dario Carvajal Trillos
Bachelor of Psychology Clinical Psychology
Rene Mora-Casalda
Doctor of Science Chemical Engineering
Costa Rica
Henry Marcelo Troya Alverca
Master of Science Public Health
Luis Roger Villamarin Coronel
Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering
Luis Narváez-Ricaurte
Doctor of Science Political Science
El Salvador
Iob Techeste Imam
Doctor of Philosophy Business Administration
Zewdie Gebretsadik Beza
Doctor of Science Agronomy
Carolina Isabel Velásquez Telón
Master of Science
Maria Angelina Reyes Fuentes
Doctor of Philosophy
Will Roberto Moncada
Doctor of Economics
Strategic Planning
Mohammed El-Shaikh
Bachelor of Science
Osbert Abraham Grey
Master of Engineering
Stephen Agbobli
Master of Science
Civil Engineering
J. Antonio Tafoya Razo
Doctor of Science Agronomy
Jorge Arturo Hernández
Bachelor of Science
Marco Antonio Damián Garibay
Doctor of Education
Victor Fuentes Enríquez
Doctor of Business Administration
Emiola Olawale Kolapo Steve
Doctor of Philosophy
Operations Research
Arlindo Bengui André
Doctor of Science

Arnulfo Luis Franco Rodriguez
Doctor of Science
Fisheries and Environmenta
. Panama

David Moises Giraldo Cano
Bachelor of Science
Luis Francisco Vivanco Aldon
Master of Business Administration
Samir George Abudayeh Giha
Doctor of Philosophy
Political Science
Felix Bigabo Bizimana
Master of Counseling
Ibrahim Othman Al-Saleh
Bachelor of Business Administration
Saudi Arabia
Thu Rein Ko Ko
Doctor of Philosophy
Industrial Engineering
Juma Samuel Khamsin Walle
Bachelor of Arts
Public Administration


Frank G. Bercha. May 18, 2014.
Doctorate in Architecture.

“After considering various options to pursue my continuing interest in architecture, I selected AIU as the optimal institution for my graduate work leading to a doctorate in the subject. Already possessing advanced education in architecture and engineering, including a PhD in engineering, and many years of professional experience, I felt that the freedom and motivation to design, research, execute, and present my program afforded by AIU was the best option to follow. From my perusal of other traditional graduate educational arrangements, I saw that most of the required doctoral architectural courses would be boring and unnecessary as I was already an expert in most of the material, and, considering my professional duties to my organization, residency at other institutions appeared onerous and unnecessary to me.

So, in 2011 I enrolled in a program leading to a doctorate in architecture at AIU. Certainly, my assessment of AIU to allow me the freedom to pursue research of my own choice was confirmed. So, following some preliminary administrative activities, I designed a curriculum integrating my expert skills in architecture and engineering, to address an architectural area of great significance, but relatively limited available research, and proceeded to carry out a series of courses and publications to shed light on this area. My work included melding information on natural and manmade hazards to building occupants with solutions to augment their safety, including consideration of human performance in emergencies, structural and systems engineering, existing codes and standards and safety practices, to generate a systematic approach to apply today and in the future in a warming world to provide buildings with better architectural protection for their occupants.

As I had hoped, the technical and creative research work was entirely left up to me. Only on a few procedural matters was assistance from AIU proffered, but encouragement and a positive advice were ever-present from AIU staff. Thus, I can strongly recommend pursuit of such a graduate program to anyone who is qualified and prepared to single-handedly pursue the main thesis of their research for as long as necessary to produce a body of original work in their area of interest, and have it acknowledged through the reception of a doctoral degree. AIU presents the ideal environment for them as it did for me.”


Edward Sesay. March 17, 2014.
Master in Computer Science.

“I want to say a very big thank you to all of the AIU staff for their humble support, motivation, dedication and for making my educational experience at AIU such a reality. My dreams come true. It is pleasing that I was able to exercise my right to select an expedient, reasonable educational alternative that has advanced my academic and professional carrier.

I am very happy to have completed my academic program with AIU. The opportunity to study online with AIU gave me freedom to pursue my desired master’s degree program. However, it was not easy as I thought from the beginning but it was the right choice for me; it gave me a great deal of time in the ultimate limitation of my study that suits my job schedule. AIU as an educational institution has made my latent objectives a success one. At AIU, I had the rare privilege of learning some basic remarkable concepts in my field of study –Master in Computer Science– which ordinarily a traditional university curriculum would not have been easy to accommodate.

My experience at Atlantic International University is a desired one and as such incentives make me to aspiring for more programs and convincing colleagues, friends and others on the need to enroll with the institution. On my own, I feel I had the right advisor, tutors; appropriate tools and all entire staff at the right time when I needed those most. I will remain indebted to them as special people in my life. From my experience with them, I have learnt that they are trained to handle people who are mature, but willing to advance themselves academically.

My most admiration is the modern trend of technology which is the andragogy system of learning. The program is self-directed and saturated with learning tools that will guide you to score acceptable grades especially verifying your assisgnment via turnltln, online library etc. Embrace online learning and andragogy as the way forward in accomplishing the aims and objectives of individuals around the world while tagged towards supportive to the economic and social development of a society. Once more I extend my thanks and appreciation to AIU staff. May God help the entire AIU family and let AIU be a fountain for development as it grows bigger and bigger. In our native language in Sierra Leone we say ‘TEN KEY YA’. I am really happy.”

Bachelor of Business Administration Management (special group)

I’ve learned the power of research

Interview with Carlos Gómez Chirinos, graduated from Doctorate of Education. Venezuela/USA

What has been the biggest benefit in your personal life because of your completion of your program at AIU?

I have had many benefits. The most important is the personal one of having acomplished this degree, this is a triumph for me and for my family. But I have had many other rewards academically and economically speaking. For us in Venezuela, for every degree we achieve we get a 20 percent of increase in salary. Obviously, that helps me and my family in everything that we need to continue reaching my educational goals. In addition, it has helped me realize the power that there is a great power in research. I have recognized that all the great changes in the world are done through research. The proffesor (and ultimately, the person) who stops learning will not develope or advance in life anymore and will become outdated. He must recognized that the technology and research lead you to the forefront of life.

You were before a professor in Venezuela, at the Cecilio Acosta Catholic University. What is the biggest difference from AIU and how did you feel the Academic level here?

At AIU the educational level is great. It is a very high level. You are required to give the best of you. That is being a university offering distant learning programs, where we have to plan our time for learning, our time for research and writing. This method help us to attain the necessary responsibility to be able to respond and accept the challenge of having to study by yourself, sometimes alone, with or without a tutor. But even from the distance, with AIU I always had the answers available. The academic staff always helped me with all my questions so that I can then, progress.

You mentioned the time that you could dedicate to the university and about the studies that you had to do from a distance. How has the andragogic system helped you in your life?

It has really helped me realize that I can study by myself and that I can study throughout different moments of the day to be able to meet what AIU required from me. Also I’ve had the ability to manage my time and my calendar which has helped me in a good way. For example, now that I am studying a new Masters program, the experience of managing my time, has helped me to respond to all the challenges even in a different language –which is now, English. It has allowed me to be more structured in what I want to achieve.

What was the defining factor that made you enroll at AIU?

It was to reach my educational goals. I was able to complete a Doctorate’s Degree of Science in Education thanks to AIU and the opportunity generated to be admitted in this program. It is a great satisfaction.

What would you recommend to a student who is considering enrolling at AIU?

My recommendation would be that they should think highly of AIU. They should think that they can progress and develop new abilities, ideas and capacities. That the prospects and candidates have the potential to keep improving in their life and not staying on the same path over and over again. The opportunity is here. Atlantic International University has given us that opportunity in a sense for them to develop and being here until it is achieved.

Can you share with us your experience at AIU?

My experience at AIU was a great one. It has been spectacular. The development of the educational process that I have gone through at AIU has been a favorable one. At the same time that I was studying this Doctorate, I was also studying English and aditionally, I am studying a Masters in Theology now.