Student’s conference at Nexus EQ

October 15, 2013. Congratulations to our student Carlos Roberto Rossi, founder of the Observational Numeric Board (TNO), President of Realmind Human Resources Consultancy in Ecuador and dual Doctorate program enrollee with AIU, for his recent conference presented at Harvard University of Nexus EQ. He has developed an innovative kit for certification as an Expert in TNO which includes: Board, Numeric table; user’s manual, example guide, Scientific Manual, Training Manual, CD with archives and certification documents; DVD of certification training videos. A certified Expert in TNO, will receive an identifying credential on behalf of Realmind, which must be presented in any event where the TNO is applied. Blog:

Naming of Parlamentary Minister by the World Parliament of Education

It is a pleasure for us to share a great achievement of our beloved institution AIU. Recently, during Dr. Jose Mercado’s visit to Lima, Peru, he received a very important and significant award. On that occasion, the XIV Latin-American Summit hosted by the World Parliament of Education and the Latin-American Council for Quality Education was celebrated in the Auditorium of the National Assembly of Rectors of Peru ANR and was attended by educators in many countries of Latin-America.

Dr. Jose Mercado received, on behalf of AIU, the nomination of Parliamentary Minister for the Quality Education by the World Parliament of Education. The event was attended by prestigious institutions, such as: National Assembly of Rectors of Peru, Rectors Association of Argentina, The Latin American Organization Administration of the Dominican Republic, WFUCA -UNESCO, Organization of the American States, Latin American Organization Administration This recognition reflects the enormous effort that each of the members of AIU do every day.

These achievements belong to all the Educational Family of AIU in the world: Students, Academic Advisors, Counselors, Staff Members, Members of the Academic Council, and Representatives and Tutors of AIU in the world. All of them have definitely contributed to the growth of AIU and its commitment to quality education in the world. Congratulations to all of you.

Graduate of AIU has published a Book

Congratulations to one of our graduates, Gerardo Augusto Roa Ogando for writing the book “Linguística Cosmológica: Una introduccion a los estudios complejos del lenguaje”. The object of study of cosmological linguistics is constituted by the universe or cosmos, understood as a discourse, which can be studied in the form of text or sequence of them. In twelve chapters, Gerardo offers, also, the ideological foundations necessary to facilitate the learning of reading and academic writing, from the university classroom, conceiving a commitment to even pretend to be assumed as an institutional problem. The release of his book will soon be announced but in the meantime you can acquire advance copies in the Library of Hermanos Solanos in the Dominican Republic. Currently he is a Spanish Language and Linguistics professor both in the undergraduate and graduate School of Arts in the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, UASD. In addition, he is the author of twelve unpublished essays of the Spanish language and its teaching, a sociolinguistic study, a novel and three research thesis. Gerardo completed a Doctorate program in Hispanic Linguistics at AIU. We are very proud of his achievements, and we hope that he continues with this success.

Student of AIU has his works published

Congratulations to Mukasa Aziz Hawards for the two articles he has developed during his studies with AIU, which have been published in two different sites. His works are the following: Fundamentals in Nutrition Health (www.; and Environmental Impact Assessment; An approach to Public Health Management ( Mukasa is currently enrolled in a Bachelors program in Public Health in Atlantic International University.

Graduate of AIU has thesis published

AIU wants to congratulate Bernice Anowa Welbeck for her recent success. She wrote her thesis on: “The Complexity of Modern Management: Opportunities and Challenges”. It reviews past management practices, analyzes current management practices and suggests ways to improve upon management practices, and recognizes the dynamism of management. Her thesis has been published through two publishing sites; and Bernice has also been appointed the Ag. Executive Secretary (CEO) of the National Labour Commission of the Republic of Ghana and has since presented two important papers at two fora –A Policy Workshop on the Implementation of a new pay policy in Ghana called the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) and a National Presidential Forum of all the stakeholders in labour relations. Her paper was on Managing Industrial Disputes: Current Status and the Way Forward. Bernice completed a Doctorate program in Business Administration at AIU. We are very proud of you Bernice.