It’s time to grow

It is been said that education is the key to a better life. Take a moment to think about it in your own life. Take a look at the people around you. See how they are at this specific moment. Are they in good health? Are they strong? Are they in peace? Are they doing what they enjoy? Are they the best expression of what they can be? are they happy?... are you happy? It is hard to think about this topics at this moment. Most of all because the world at large is not giving us the chance to analyze the true situation of our life. Instead of that, we are just reacting to survive in our immediate reality. We work hard everyday to meet our most essential needs. Food, clothing, paying bills. We struggle to complete the day in good shape and take the good sleep we deserve. We think about the future and sometimes we don’t like what we see.
Today, only 10% of the adults of the world owns 86% of global wealth. While the lower half of the population –a little more than 3 billion people– accounts for only 1% of the global wealth. And the inequality has spread all over the world. For example, in the US, a CEO from a food chain earns 10,000 times a regular worker from the same company. What are the consecuences? That wealth is concentrated in the hands of 1% of the population and the resources don’t go where they should. For example, some 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation. Are you still there? This is the reason why it is not comfortable to take a moment to think. And you could say in good reason that your life is different, that you have earned enough to have a good life and provide to your family. Ok, this is true, but for how long? Income for many families is in a downward spiral for quite some time. The 99% has seen their income decline from 91% in 1976 to 79% in 2010. The share of wealth owned by the bottom 90 percent declined from 19.1% in 1962 to 12.8% in 2009. And it is still counting.

Education in need to evolve
So, if this is happening right now, you may ask yourself how education has helped you. You have done all your previous studies with good effort, and for what? Should you drop your education and live your life without thinking in this problems anymore? Yes, you can do that. But know for sure that everything will get worse day by day. If you decide to drop your studies you will be contributing to this social breach around the world. So, think again. According to the United Nations, there is evidence that social factors, including education, employment status, income level, gender and ethnicity, have a marked influence on how healthy a person is. In all countries –whether low, middle, or high-income– there are wide disparities in the health status of different social groups. The lower an individual’s socio-economic position, the higher their risk of poor health. To overcome inequality you need to be the greatest version of yourself. You need to be in good health, you have to be aware of the world and its opportunnities, you need to know how to use the knowledge you have learnt during all of your life. You need to expand your horizons. You need to dare to be different. To be whole. I know that this could be easy to say, but you must be wondering, how do I become the best version of myself if I am already working, I have a good family and I am studying an international degree? Isn’t it suppose to be enough?

The key to a comprehensive education.
At AIU we have been always working to offer the greatest academic education in the most affordable platform available. And even though we are really proud of it, we didn’t stay in our comfortable zone. We are always considering what we can do to offer a comprehensive education. Something that will enable you and any other person to become the greatest version of yourself. Traditional education focus only on academic programs. We cover it, but we go way beyond that. This means that along with your academical program, you will have dynamic resources to expand your horizons and have a comprehensive education. Being a comprehensive person you will have the resources to change the world, to offer solutions for a better living. And most of all, you can give yourself and your family the chance for a more balanced life in which you are what you truly decide to be. Based in the ultimate comprehensive education, we present to you MyAIU: A place where you can learn, develop yourself, help others, and feel free to share your ideas and knowledge with the world.

Graduates of the month

Antonio Cassua Gomes
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Safia Mohammed Aliy
Master of Science
Public Health
Francis Folorunsho Akinyamoju
Bachelor of Business Management
Business Management
Carmen Rainelda Alfaro Alfaro
Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
Ernesto Joaquim Mulato
Master of International Relations
Conflicts Resolution
Sandra Milena Ruiz Londoño
Master of Education
Avilio Coello Hernandez
Bachelor of Human Resources
Human Resources
José Rolando Benavente Farfán
Bachelor of Science
Civil Engineering
Gabriel Lussuamo
Doctor of Education
Víctor Javier Román Jaramillo
Master of Science
Odhiambo James Oduke
Doctor of Philosophy
Language Education
María Jesús Benavides Díaz
Doctor of Philosophy
Legal Studies
Francis Mukenani Wamundila
Bachelor of Science
Mechanical Engineering
Francisco Javier Martínez Lovo
Doctor of Philosophy
El Salvador
Carlos Candanedo Miranda
Bachelor of Science
Industrial Engineering
Sayed Ali Mohamed Bakr
Doctor of Business Administration
Human Resources Management
Noah Kofi Amu
Doctor of Education
Educational Technology
Carlos Eduardo Cruz Véliz
Doctor of Philosophy
María Esperanza Velasco Núñez
Doctor of Science
Ramona Maria Popoi
Bachelor of Science
Hospitality Management
Roberto Omar Rebolledo Sepúlveda
Doctor of Philosophy
Strategic Planning
Jose Nguema Oyana
Doctor of Philosophy
Environmental Science
Oyuntogtokh Bat-Erdene
Bachelor of Science
Mohammed El-Shaikh
Bachelor of Science
Giovanni G. De Piccoli Córdoba
Master of Visual Communication
Applied Visual Arts
Alberto Ibarra Idjabe
Bachelor of Arts
Guinea Equatorial
Billy Williams Moisés Ríos
Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
João Manuel Vicente
Bachelor of Science
South Africa
Wilfrid Léo
Bachelor of Agricultural Science
Turks and Caicos Islands
Nader Gohary
Doctor of Science
Engineering Management
United Arab Emirates
Aquilla Priscilla Omwangangye
Doctor of Arts
Edgar Oswaldo Bedoya
Bachelor of Science
Civil Engineering
Enrique Vázquez Torres
Doctor of Philosophy
Reading Instruction
Raynier Omar Aldana Gibaja
Doctor of Science
Public Health
Augustin Aka Lundemvukila
Doctor of Business Administration
Chanda Kaluba
Bachelor of Science
Physical Education
Amos Marume
Doctor of Science
Public Health
Chilika Wellings Simfukwe
Doctor of Business Administration
Human Resource Management
Shingirai Matanhire-Mutisi
Doctor of Accounting
Gabriel Lussuamo
Doctor of Education Education Angola

MyAIU Live, learn & share

A place where you can feel free to express yourself and share you thoughts with the world, MyAIU allows you to upload material in different formats and share it to the world. Do you have a new book? Do you write music? You have speeches you are proud of? Any presentations you have made? Courses? What about those pictures you have taken and deserve to be seen all over the world by the AIU family? MyAIU allows you to do all that and much more to expand your horizons and be more aware of the things happening around you. Get involved and start uploading your work to share your knowledge and experience, and learn from others to become a more successful individual or professional. MyAIU’s mission is to motivate and allow AIU family to access different activities and information that will let us learn and apply it to our lives in so many different ways to keep a positive attitude and happiness in their lives. The elements that integrate this Human Development Center are MyAIU Body, MyAIU Mind, MyAIU Spirit, MyAIU Energy, MyAIU Evolution, MyAIU Money, MyAIU Knowledge, MyAIU Research, MyAIU Human Rights, MyAIU Pledge, MyAIU Language Center, and MyAIU Pedia, the tool that integrates all the elements. Every member can enrich MyAIU by uploading their own valuable publications in different formats, such as books, video, courses, articles, images, components and audio.

Holistic education
Holistic development refers to human development that is meant to involve all the parts of a person, including physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, cultural, ethic and spiritual development. Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning. This is the definition given by Ron Miller, founder of the journal Holistic Education Review (now entitled Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice). The term holistic education is often used to refer to the more democratic and humanistic types of alternative education. Robin Ann Martin (2003) describes this further by stating, “At its most general level, what distinguishes holistic education from other forms of education are its goals, its attention to experiential learning, and the significance that it places on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment.” The concept of holism refers to the idea that all the properties of a given system in any field of study cannot be determined or explained by the sum of its component parts. Instead, the system as a whole determines how its parts behave. A holistic way of thinking tries to encompass and integrate multiple layers of meaning and experience rather than defining human possibilities narrowly.

MyAIU Body

Learn about how to keep yourself in the best possible shape in and out. Our mission is to integrate and motivate our community to change their lifestyle and impove their health, nutrition and all those different facts that will be reflecting in a better life.

On Fit Day® you can

create a free account and use many tools to stay fit. Features :: Free Calorie Counter. Diet and weight loss journal. Create a Goal, Track Food, Log Activity & See Progress! Articles. Nutrition: Calories, Carbs, Diets, Fats, For Men, For Women, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle, News, Paleo, Proteins, Tips, Vitamins and Minerals, Weight Loss. Fitness: Body Building, Cardio, Equipment, Exercises, Fitness Test, GymsSports Training, Strength Training, Stretching, Toning, Weight Loss. Personal Online Dietitian. Message online with a Registered Dietitian and create a custom health and fitness plan. Premium Calorie Counter. Experience an ad-free calorie tracking interface. Gain access to enhanced reporting and custom tracking. PC Calorie Counter. Download FitDay PC directly to your computer. It is fast, secure and easy to use on-the-go. Mobile Application. Use your existing account to track all your foods and exercise on-the-go. Stay on top of your weight loss and keep motivated.

Nourish interactive

is the fun way to learn about nutrition! This is your free one stop resource for fun nutrition games for kids, interactive nutrition tools and tips for parents and health educators to use to promote healthy living for the whole family. Created by nutrition and health care professionals, Nourish Interactive’s nutrition education website gives children and families the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices. Features :: Free Printables. Get free printables for kids –puzzles, crosswords, coloring, etc. Our games! Lots of online games and fun arcade style interactive games for kids. Food Group Games. Free kids food group games, interactive healthy eating nutrition flash games, fun food activities, and online word puzzle games for kids. Elementary Nutrition Education. Welcome Health & Nutrition Providers and Professional Educators. Parents. We are very proud to share our Showcase page of organizations that list Nourish Interactive as a reliable and credible resource.

With Free medi tation

you get the best meditation resources on the web. Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease healthcare costs. Features :: Articles. Videos. News. Testimonials. Music. Online Course. Meditation basics. What is meditation. How does meditation work? Thoughtless awareness. Types. Chakras. Meditation and cool breeze (vibrations). Kundalini Yoga. Meditation and enlightenment. How to meditate. Guided meditation. SY Meditation -the gentle answer. Meditation techniques. Tips for beginners. FAQ about meditation. Benefits of meditation. Meditation helps with stress, anxiety, hypertension, drug abuse, ADHD, depression, asthma. Online meditation. Self-realization. Kundalini awakening. Music therapy for meditation. Meditation for children (0 to 6 years). Sahaj meditation music for children. Online meditation course. Sahaja Yoga. The ultimate spiritual experience.

Fragrant heart:

How to meditate from the Heart. Whatever your personal situation right now, meditation can help you to feel greater calm and inner peace. Instead of using your outer will to transform your life, meditation helps you to access your “inner voice” or guide. Your Heart knows what’s correct for you, but its voice is often drowned out by the confusion reigning in the mind. Meditation helps quieten the mind so you can listen to your Heart. Features :: Free Audio Meditations. Created by Elisabeth Blaikie in the following categories: Meditations for Relaxation & Stress Relief, Meditations for Healing, Meditations for Women, Meditations for Children, Chakra Meditations, Compassion Meditations, Love Meditations, Meditations for Self Esteem, Meditations for Spiritual Awareness, Mantra Meditations, Yoga Meditations. Articles. More than 60 and new coming. Shop. Meditation MP3 files. Buying our products shows your support for Fragrant Heart. Meditation Courses.

Live a better life learning how to keep your body balanced between a good nutrition and physical activities.

Nutrition data:

Know what you eat. Here you’ll find detailed nutrition information, plus unique analysis tools that tell you more about how foods affect your health and make it easier to choose healthy foods. The information in Nutrition Data’s database comes from the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference and is supplemented by listings provided by restaurants and food manufacturers. Features :: Topics. Better Choices Diet. Glycemic Index. Fullness Factor. Fatty Acids. Food Additives. Effects of Processing Food. Recipes. Nutrition News. The ND Blog. Dieting & Weight Loss Blog. My ND. My Foods. My Recipes. My Tracking. My Preferences. My Profile. Blogs. Nutrition Data blog. Heart Health blog. Diabetes blog. Dieting and Weight Loss blog. Quick- Start lists. Low-Carb / Smart-Carb Foods. Low-Fat / Low-Calorie Foods. Heart Healthy Foods. Super-Nutritious Foods. Quick and Healthy Foods. Help. Caloric Ratio Pyramid. Nutrient Balance Indicator. Nutritional Target Map. Estimated Glycemic Load. IF Rating. Nutrition Glossary.

Spark people.

Sparking millions of people to live healthier, happy lives. Our weight loss program teaches people to stop dieting and transition to a permanent, healthy lifestyle. We’ve found that using sound nutrition and regular exercise as a “springboard” for success helps our members find greater enjoyment in life and strive for even more goals. Features :: Food & Fitness. Baked goods, drinks, dairy, characteristics, fruits, grains, regional, meats, nuts, preparation, prepared, seafood, seasoning, style, veggies, occasion. Trackers. Calorie Counter. Diet Resources. Mobile. Articles & Videos. Nutrition Articles. Fitness Articles. Motivation Articles. Exercise Demos. Community. SparkTeams. SparkPages. SparkPeople Blog. Diet Community. Eat Better. Recipes, Diet & Nutrition. Feel Better. Health & Wellness. Look Better. Fitness, Beauty & Style. Inside Spark People. Exercise. Videos. Mobile Apps. Challenge. Central Spark. Activity Tracker. Change your life. Be our next success story. My Tools. Diet Blogs. Healthy Recipes.

With stress relief pig

forget stress & anxiety. He’s pink, loud, stressed and very sensitive to touches. Features :: Articles. Texts about stress and related topics. Stress relief puzzles and toys. Office toys, fun slinkys, Hoberman spheres, tangles and squeeze toys. Motion toys and funny office supplies. Squeeze toys. Funny and relaxing. Stress relieving massagers. Increase blood circulation of your scalp or muscles, relax your body and mind, helps reduce stress and improves health. Stress relief vitamins. Best stress relief vitamins include B-complex, which are best taken with vitamin C. Tips. Learn how to say “no”. Try to get enough sleep. Count to ten. Take Deep Breaths. Listen to your favorite music. Play relaxing or logic games. Take a break from stressful work. Stress relief games. A great collection of games suitable for keeping your thoughts away from stressful and annoying things. Aggressive and destructive. Relaxing games. The Pig. The infamous and extensively stressful stress relief pig.

On halls md you

On halls md you can find many health calculators and charts. Features :: Body Mass Index topic pages. Body Mass Index Calculator. Find out if you are overweight. Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator. The Breast Cancer Risk Calculator provides a detailed breast cancer risk assessment, that educates as it estimates a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer. Ideal Weight Calculations. Several methods of Ideal Weight Calculations helps you choose an Ideal Weight goal reasonably. The scientific basis is discussed. Body Surface Area Calculator. This Body Surface Area BSA Calculator will calculate Body Surface Area safely for medication doses. Growth Charts of Children’s Height and Weight. Pediatric Child Growth Charts are modern charts of children’s height and weight. Parents often wonder if their child is overweight or too small. Height and Weight Charts. Height and weight charts. See how the weight and height of individuals tends to change with age, and shows the average weight of women and men.

MyAIU Mind

Mission: To motivate us to start high performance training for the brain to develop better mental skills that are useful in our daily lives.


The leader in the science of brain training. Challenge your brain with scientifically designed training. Features :: Prestigious research network. We collaborate with researchers from 36 top universities around the world in an effort known as the Human Cognition Project. Dozens of collaborations are underway. 7 published studies. Since 2007, 7 studies have been published on the effects of Lumosity in diverse populations, including healthy adults, children, and cancer survivors. Scientifically designed games. Lumosity scientists study many common neuropsychological tasks, design some new ones, and transform these tasks into fun, challenging games. A Personal Trainer just for you. Sophisticated personalized training, based on what we’ve learned from analyzing 50+ million members. 40+ scientific games. Target a wide variety of cognitive skills. We’ll help challenge you in the areas that you care about. Train on any device. Work out your brain anytime, anywhere. For web and iOS. Android coming soon!

Mind Sparke:

Think. Work. Test. Better. Fitness, cognitive skills, memory improvement & more. MindSparke’s affordable and effective online brain training focuses on brain games that work. Brain Fitness Pro delivers quick and lasting cognitive benefits and MindSparke’s brain fitness innovations guarantee an unbeatable mental workout. With free brain fitness and brain health updates and affordable brain training software, MindSparke brain fitness programs are the smart brain fitness choice. Features :: Reviews. Brain Fitness Program. Brain Training Online. Signup. Fun Brain Workout for Kids. IQ Training. ADHD Strategies. ADD Strategies. OCD Strategies. Stroke Treatment. Test Prep. BBC Brain Training. AARP Brain Games. Dual N Back. How to Increase Memory. Memory Training. Working Memory Training. Spatial Working Memory. Verbal Working Memory. Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus. Brain Cell Growth. Brain Food. Brain Nutrition. Brain Detoxification. Reduce Drinking. Impulse Control.

Cog. Cognitive fun!

Cognitive neuroscience for everyone. Features :: Tests. Attentional. Visual reaction time. Go/No go visual reaction time. Auditory reaction time. Go/No go auditory reaction time. Perceptional. Fast counting. Basic music intervals. Executive. Eriksen Flanker test. Color reading interference. Item Span. Visual forward digit span. Visual backward digit span. Auditory forward digit span. Auditory backward digit span. Fast consonant span. Corsi block task. Reverse corsi block task. Differentiation task. Memory. J-B dual n-back variant using /kpst/ phones. Jaeggi-Buschkuehl dual n-back task. Working memory test (n-back). Paced auditory serial addition test (English). Comparison test for dual nback: visual only. Comparison test for dual n-back: auditory only (German). Comparison test for dual n-back: auditory only (/ kpst/). Reading span task. Experimental. Combined multimodal n-back task. PASAT speed run. 3D dual n-back speed run. Spatial working memory updating.

Fit brains

by Rosetta Stone® Challenge Your Brain Today. Personalized Brain Training. Enhance your memory, focus and brain speed with our award winning brain training program designed by neuroscientists. Features :: Stay sharp. Fit Brains games were designed by Neuroscientists and award-winning game designers. They are both fun and beneficial to your brain health. Track Performance. Tools to track your progress throughout your training. Train Anywhere. Exercise your brain on Web and Mobile (iOS and Android). Brain training apps for all members of the family. Start training! Games. Fit Brains has the highest quality brain training games on the market. Training that’s personalized to you. The Fit Brains system will tailor each exercise to your needs. Easy and accessible. The Fit Brains training system is easy to use anywhere. Scientifically backed. Research shows that online training is an effective way to build cognitive reserve and increase brain performance.

Vision: To become a platform where privileged minds can develop new ideas that will change our society.

Mind 360.

Play smart. Improve your brain performance and live a better life. Remember more, build self-confidence, increase productivity, make fast decisions. Features :: Brain games: Memory. Word seek race. Cardwise. Face it. Speed dating. Attention. Bird alert. Switch ball. Executive functions. Drink water. Climb it right. Think fast. Logic and reasoning. Bistro balance. Triplets. Visual perception. Fish’s last wish. Celebrity spot. Brain training for professionals. You can greatly enhance your ability to apply stored knowledge. Brain training for parents. Games that stimulate the neurons are best for enhancing and developing the memory and other cognitive abilities. Brain training for kids and young adults. They can be more attentive in class and process more information quickly and accurately. Brain training for baby boomers. Brain neurons or nerve cells require sufficient electrical and chemical stimuli without which they are programmed to self destruct. Join the Discussion! Chat with MIND360’s psychologists.

Games for the brain.

Play neverending quiz, memory & brain games to train your thinking. Lots and lots of games that will help your brain to stay fit. Available in more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, Deutsch, Corean, Dansk, Nederlands, Suomi, Slovenčina, Japanese, French, Italian, Bahasa Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Turk, Croatian, etc. Features :: Games. Dragger. Counterfeit. Colored Lines. The Game You Can’t Stop. Guess the Colors. Manyland. Oooze. Rotate. Rotate². Chinese Checkers. Masterpieces. Mastercards. Sudoku. Reversi. Mastermind. TwinCol. NumberHunt. MineHunter. Crime Scene. Mahjongg. Solitaire. What Was There?. The Image Quiz. TriviaNut. Marsmoney. Memocoly. Checkers. Chess. Word games. Lettermaze. Anagramania. Guess the Place! The Google Adventure. Letterama. SquareWords. What Word? Spellice. What Did I Search For?. The WordHunt Game. SpeedType. SpeedRead. Bonus room. Enter a ticket number won in games to get your surprise prize image.


School Games & Puzzles. Parents and teachers love our clever puzzles and games since they stimulate thinking, logic, and problem solving. We make sure all content is appropriate for school use & family fun. That means you will never find violence, harsh language, or adult situations. Features :: Quick Thinking Games. Fat slice. Ball blender. Three cups and a ball. Number crunch. Axon. Magic Links. Firing day. Logic. Color tangle. Clockwork. Flooded village. Liquid measure. Push me. A Christmas puzzle. Choo logic. RightBot, LeftBot. Physics. Great bridge building. Line ball. Sprocket rocket design. Cave puzzles. Hidden objects puzzles. Sad clown face. Flower scour. Hidden forms. Math. Cover the spot. Math equation. Think. Liquid measure. Jigsaws. Butterfly up. Hollywood gone wild. Coal mine. Rebuild the earth. Word. QBox. Word boss. Cryptograms. Hangman. Picture. Tangram. Mini scientist. Skating. Magic links. Brain teasers. The man in the coffee beans. A piece of work. Seasonal challenge.


Brain Teasers, Riddles, Trivia, Brain Exercises, Games, Forums and more. With over 20,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users like you, Braingle has the largest collection anywhere on the internet. Our large array of unique online multiplayer games will keep you entertained for hours, and if you want to improve your brain, check out the Mentalrobics section. If you crave a brain teaser, mind puzzle, riddle or game, we are the place to get it. Increase your creativity, boost learning and become a better person at Braingle. Get ready to have your brain tangled! Features :: Brain teasers. Optical illusions. Puzzle hunts. Codes and ciphers. Mecanical puzzles. Trivia. Quizzes. Fact box. Photo identification quiz. Famous art quiz. Celebrity quiz. Mentalrobics. Articles. Memory tests. Flash cards. Vocab builder. IQ tests. Games. Braingle games. Directory. Card games. Community. Public forums. Talk boxes. Private messages. Live chat.

MyAIU Spirit

Mission: Motivate our members to integrate, coexist and respect their different beliefs creating a positive change to improve their lives.

Vision: To become a platform where people can express themselves and to be listen and respected.

MyAIU Energy

Mission:Motivate and allow AIU family to access different activities and information that will let us learn and apply to our lives different ways to keep a positive attitude and be happy.

Vision: To integrate and have one of the biggest course and conference libraries in the web to help our community to develop themselves as better professionals and individuals for their communities.

MyAIU Evolution

Mission: Make a huge contribution to the world giving new scientifics the space for new investigations and research. Integrate our members to be more related to evolution topics and be always aware of changes happening in our environment.


The hilarious guessing game where creativity wins. The idea for Morphology first emerged during a snowstorm in Minneapolis, MN. Morphology inventor and recent Macalester College graduate Kate Ryan Reiling and two of her friends were stranded in their apartment and decided to play a board game. features :: What comes in the game: 6 wooden blocks, 2 black circles. 9 glass beads. 12 cubes. 240 word cards. 4 wooden people. 1 string. 1 piece of green felt. 1 timer. 4 team frogs. 1 die. 1 board. 1 rules booklet. How to play: Build. Each team selects a MorphologistTM, the person who will create the first word. Without talking, the MorphologistTM must “morph” the pieces into the word. However a certain level of nodding, grunting and encouraging by the MorphologistTM is allowed. Guess. Each time a team corectly guesses the word in the 1 minute allowed, it moves it’s frog forward to the next lily pad. The die is always passed to the left. Win. The first team to reach the final lily pad wins!

Collective conciousness

is all about sharing information and increasing the conscious awareness of people, on mother earth. When we become fully aware of who we really are and how powerful each individual person really is, we can start to take back the power, which is so rightfully ours. Our ultimate goal, is to help people to truly feel free of any emotional attachments, ego oriented decision making and to just be present in the moment with complete happiness and self worth. Features :: Education. Here are two talks given by Sir Ken Robinson at the TED conference. Business Blog. Posts in different categories, such as business, environment and awareness. Feature movie. The latest inspirational movie published. Movie Archive. Interesting movies on consciousness, inspiration and how we can obtain a better understanding of ourselves. Meditation. A guided meditation per week. Motivation. The true art of living, is to be present in the moment, to see conflict as our own issues being mirrored back at us.

Cells alive!

This website represents 30 years of capturing film and computerenhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. The site has been available continuously and updated annually since May of 1994 and now hosts over 4 million visitors a year. All text, images, and layout are provided by Jim Sullivan. The majority of the site is free of cost and registration for anyone with internet access. With up to 25,000 visitors a day during the school year, hosting costs are an issue. Students and teachers who purchase downloads for classroom use make this possible. Features :: Contents. Cell Biology. Microbiology. Immunology. Microscopy. Interactive. Cell Models. HowBig. Mitosis. Cell Cycle. Meiosis. Cell Cams. Puzzles. Worksheets. Quizzes. Online Store. FLASH® +. PowerPoint®. Video Clips. Producers. A stock video library for producers includes a range of subjects, both live recording and computer animation.


The Genetic Science Learning Center at The University of Utah is a nationally and internationally-recognized education program that translates science and health for non-experts. In addition to genetics, we address all areas of life science and health as well as other scientific fields. The GSLC’s websites are one of the most used science sites on the Internet. In 2013, they received almost 20 million visits, which came from virtually every country in the world. Features :: Genetics. Tour of basic genetics. Characteristics of inheritance. Molecules of inheritance. Genetic variation. Chromosomes & inheritance. Epigenetics. Addiction: Genetics & the brain. Genetic science. Cell biology. Amazing cells. Stem cells. Cloning. Evolution and ecology. The human microbiome. Variation + selection & time. Astrobiology. Extreme environments: Great Salt Lake. Human health. Genetic disorders. Pharmacogenomics. Family health history. Gene therapy. Science tools. Virtual labs. Mathematics.

Vision: To integrate our members and provide them the necessary tools to succeed in life making their investigations an innovation to the world.

DNA from the beginning:

An animated primer of 75 experiments that made modern genetics. Features :: Classical genetics. Children resemble their parents. Genes come in pairs. Genes don’t blend. Some genes are dominants. Genetic inheritance follows rules. Genes are real things. All cells arise from pre-existing cells. Sex cells have one set of chromosomes; body cells have two. Specialized chromosomes determine gender. Chromosomes carry genes. Genes get shuffled when chromosomes exchange pieces. Etc. Molecules of genetics. DNA and proteins are key molecules of the cell nucleus. One gen makes one protein. A gene is made of DNA. Bacteria and viruses have DNA too. The DNA molecule is shaped like a twisted ladder. A half DNA ladder is a template for copying the whole. Etc. Genetic organization and control. DNA is packaged in a chromosome. Higher cells incorporate an ancient chromosome. Some DNA does not encode protein. Some DNA can jump. Genes can be turned on and off. Genes can be moved between species. Etc.


NOVA is the highest rated science series on television and the most watched documentary series on public television. It is also one of television’s most acclaimed series, having won every major television award, most of them many times over. Watch online hundreds of interesting videos or listen to podcasts. Features :: Nova sites: NOVA next. News and big ideas in science and technology. NOVA Science Now. Adventures in science with host David Pogue. NOVA education. STEM teaching resources and educator community. NOVA labs. Real science, real data, and you. The nature of reality. The physics of nothing and everything. The secret life of scientists & engineers. Video profiles –where the lab coats come off. NOVA ’s approach. How do you make a compelling science documentary? Producer’s stories. Go behind the scenes with NOVA producers. Careers. See what job openings are currently available here at NOVA. Broadcast awards. Learn which broadcast awards NOVA has won in its 30-year history.

The tech.

Museum of innovation. Stanford at the Tech: Understanding genetics. Try your luck at DNA roulette –watch out, you might even learn something. Find out the latest genetic news. Get answers to your genetic questions. A genetics refresher course. Enjoy online genetics activities. This project was supported by the Departament of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine. Features :: About genetics. What is a Gene? How Do Genes Work? Why We are Different. Mutations and Disease. Genetic Testing. Making Medicines. New Therapies. Ethics. Ask a Geneticist. Categories. Submit a question. Video gallery. Peter Atkins. Daniel Dennett. Marc Hauser. Ian Tattersall. Deborah Koons Garcia. Sheldon Krimsky. Online exhibits. What Color Eyes will your Children Have? Are Genetic Tests Right For You. DNA Roulette. Doit- Yourself Strawberry DNA. PTC Tasting. Zooming In to DNA. Seeing Color. Blushing From Alcohol. Genes In Common. Genes on Board. Are you a Super Taster? Genetics in the news. Books. Sponsors.


National Museum of Natural History. Committed to expanding the public understanding of human evolution. This research investigates fundamental questions about our evolutionary past. Educational programs expand knowledge of scientific research and evolution. Features :: Human Evolution Research. Climate and Human Evolution. Asian Research Projects. East African Research Projects. Human Origins Program Team. What’s Hot In Human Origins? Fossil Forensics: Interactive. EA dentition database. Human Evolution Evidence. Behavior. 3D Collection. Human Fossils. Human Family Tree. Genetics. Timeline interactive. Human Characteristics. Walking Upright. Tools & Food. Bodies. Brains. Social Life. Language & Symbols. Humans Change the World. Education. Intro to Human Evolution. How Do We Know? Teachers Forum. Education Network. Lesson Plans. Educators Guide. For Students. Fun Facts. Exhibit. Exhibit Floorplan. Reconstructions of early humans. Multimedia. Audio. Slideshows. Videos. Mobile Apps.

MyAIU Money

Mission:Motivate and allow AIU members for a better life quality teaching them how to increase their existing abundance having a better financial control.

live career.

America’s #1 Resume Builder. A fast-paced, innovative company full of smart, committed people who love the work, love the product, and love helping people find better jobs, faster! We balance life and work, and enjoy ourselves while continuing to build a successful company that is changing the way people get jobs. Features :: Resume Tools. Resume Builder: create/update your resume. Resume Building Tips. Resume-Check: scan your resume for errors. Resume Guide: how to write a resume. Cover Letter. Cover Letter Builder: create a professional letter. Cover Letter Tips. Resume Services. Resume Review: personalized resume analysis. Resume Writing: Let a Certified Writer do it. Resume Services Customer Reviews. Jobs. Search Jobs. Articles. Resume Articles. Cover Letter Articles. Jobs Articles. Interview Articles. Careers Articles. Infographics. Worst Resume Blunders Ever. Career Tools. Career Test. Salary Calculator. Job Satisfaction Survey. Start A Business Test. Education Test.


Great website to search for a job in USA. Take advantage of improving your resume and apply for a job in the United States. Allow us to upload our resume. Shows all the openings and we can use our zip code to see the ones nearby. Features :: Profile & Resume. Profile. Become a Member. Edit Profile. Resume. Build a Resume Online. Paste a Resume. Upload a Resume. Manage Resumes. Cover Letters. Create a Cover Letter. Manage Cover Letters. For Employers. Homepage. Featured Products. Hiring Solutions. Resource Center Homepage. Market Intelligence. HR Events. Jobs. Monster Jobs Home. Job Search. Diversity Search. Jobs in USA. Browse for a Job. Saved Searches. Saved Jobs. Apply History. Career Tools. Career Snapshots. Career Data. Career Mapping. Communities. Join a Community. Advice. Career Snapshots. Resume & Letters. Career Mapping. Salary & Benefits. Job-Hunt Strategy. Career Development. Monster Blog. Career Services. The Monster Network. Advice for Job Seekers.

My own business

exists to support the vital social and economic contributions of small businesses by nurturing entrepreneurship and helping individuals build their own business. Features :: Deciding on a business. The business plan. Home based businesses. Financing the business. Business organization. Licenses and permits. Business insurance. Communication tools. Buying a business or franchise. Location and leasing. Accounting and cash flow. E-Commerce. Opening and marketing. Managing employees. Expanding and handling problems. Getting financial controls in place. Getting your team in place. Customer feedback. Achieving lowest expenses. Develop negotiating skills. Alternatives for capital allocation. E-commerce. Growth by duplication. Vertical integration. Franchising your business. Global expansion. Buying businesses. Public ownership. Selling your business. Considerations for family succession.


Take the world’s best courses, online, for free. An education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. We envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education. Empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in. A for-profit educational technology company offering MOOCs, Coursera works with universities to make some of their courses available online, and offers courses in physics, engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science, and other subjects. Features :: Courses. Global Partners. US State Institutions. Specializations On Coursera. Take the giant leap. Institutions. From around the World. United States. About. People Leadership. Careers. Community. Partners. Community, Programs. Developers. Translate. Connect. Twitter. Facebook. Blog. Tech Blog.

Vision: To make more organized individuals providing the tools that will help them to improve their financial situation taking advantage of their talents.


gives millions of people a surprisingly easy and affordable way to create a site that is as unique as they are. With a Weebly site, people can start their own business, communicate with their clients, showcase their achievements, and be an authority on personal and professional interests. Weebly gives everyone the freedom to start a site, blog or online store that works brilliantly across computers, phones and tablets. Offering a range of pricing options including a free plan and premium plans starting at $4/month, Weebly has everything you need to plan, build, publish and grow a site that meets your goals. Weebly gives you a free website to create your classroon and teach others. Features :: Themes (for creating your website), Blog (to go further), Jobs, Inspiration Center (the best way to learn is to learn from what others have done), Designers (In case you need them), Support Center, Enterprise Program (It is time to create your website), Affiliate Program (Promote Weebly & get paid for referrals), Education Version (this section is wonderful).


Your financial life, all in one place. Mint pulls all your financial accounts into one place. Set a budget, track your goals and do more with your money, for free! Mint believes that money is for living. See all your balances and transactions together, on the web or your phone. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information into one place, so you can finally get the entire picture of your money. Mint does all the work of organizing and categorizing your spending for you. See where every dime goes and make money decisions you feel good about. Features :: Online Money Management, Expense Tracking, Money Saving Tips, Create Personal Budget Household Budgeting, Personal Budget Planner, Budget Management, Budget Software, Finance, Calculator, Online Financial Management, Personal Expense Management, Personal Finance Software, Personal Finance Tracking & Tools, Financial Planning, Easy Setup, See where you spend, Helpful graphs, Easy budgeting, Find ways to save, Uncover hidden fees, Reduce your debt.


Expand your horizons, your career and your future. Goinglobal. com provides country-specific career and employement information, including world-wide internship and job postings, H1B employer listings, corporate profiles, and career resources for 30 countries. Updated daily, this anual suscription service is available on an unlimited access basis. It offers corporate and college services. Find international jobs and internships. Expert advice on CV, resume, work permit and visa requirements for work abroad. Check out the latest worldwide employment trends and industry outlooks from Going Global. Features :: Career guides: Blog, Postcasts, Career news. Job Resources: Posts, Employment Trends, Business Associations/ Networking Groups, Financial Considerations, Resume/CVs, Interviewing Advice, Visas and Permits: Work Permits/ Visas and Cultural Advice. You can search a job in a specific state or country of your choice. The college Services, let you apply for internships.

Other Resources

Miami Dade College, to create your resume. Pongo Resume, specialized in job offers to help us find what we better deserve. Resume Genius, website that will help us to improve our resume. International Jobs, search for your dream job anywhere in the world. Careerbuilder, one of the most popular websites to find a job in the US. Small Business Learning Center, with useful information to improve our knowledge on how to start a business. EDX Courses, from remarcable unversities such as: Harvard, Berkley, MIT, The University of Texas System offering. OCW Courseware, from more than 250 remarcable universities. US Small Business Alliance, advertise your business in an easy way., useful information to improve your knowledge on how to start a business. Wix, boost your business building a website. Yola, create your website for your business. Budgetsimple, tools to adminístrate your finances better. EPO, european website to register patents. USPTO, US Department of Commerce to register a patent. LULU , free publishing of your book. Booktango, Publishing your book for free. Blurb, publish your book in the biggest stores, and AIU Publisher.

MyAIU Knowledge

Mission:Improve our members competitiveness among the global environment we live in today, providing the necessary tools to develop and improve their learning skills.

open courses @AIU.

A world of learning made possible by Atlantic International University. Education is a human right, it brings freedom and opportunity. Features :: Courses by topic: American Public School Law. Business Communication. Business Ethics. Business Policy and Strategy. Business Statistics. College Algebra. Consuming Cultures. Cost Accounting. Credit Management. Economic Analysis. Electronic Commerce. Essentials Of Finance. Financial Management. Fundamentals of Math. Human Resource Management. International Management. International Marketing. International Studies. Introduction to Accounting. Introduction to Marketing. Investment Management. Managing Costumer Service. Microeconomics. Political Marketing. Political Science 100. Principles of Accounting. Principles of Andragogy. Principles of Management. Psychology. Public Sector Marketing. Quantitative Methods. Retail Management. School of Finance. Sociology. Sociology and Organizations.

Edx :

Take great online courses from the world’s best universities. At edX, we believe in the highest quality education, both online and in the classroom. EdX was created for students and institutions that seek to transform themselves through cutting-edge technologies, innovative pedagogy, and rigorous courses. EdX offers interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities. Online courses from MITx, HarvardX, BerkeleyX, UTx and many other universities. EdX is a non-profit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT. Study, have fun, uncover a new passion or learn skills that just may change your life. Real classes, an amazing experience, on your schedule, meet new friends. Features :: Topics include: biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, finance, electronics, engineering, food and nutrition, history, humanities, law, literature, math, medicine, music, philosophy, physics, science, statistics and many more.

Open education

open education consortium. The global network for open education. A worldwide community of hundreds of higher education institutions and associated organizations committed to advancing open education and its impact on global education. We seek to engender a culture of openness in education to allow everyone, everywhere to access the education they desire, while providing a shared body of knowledge and best practices that can be drawn upon for innovative and effective approaches. Features :: 30,000+ Modules. 280+ Organizations. 40 Countries. 29 Languages. News. New initiatives to advance educational equality and opportunity around the world Courses. High quality educational materials for colleges and universities organized as courses. Projects. Anual conferences. Open education week. ACE Awards. Project showcase. Resources. Toolkit. CCCOER Webinars. Open Textbooks. Members. Social media. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Slideshare.

Mit opencourseware.

“The idea is simple: to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.” –Dick K.P. Yue, Professor, MIT School of Engineering. Unlocking Knowledge. MIT OpenCourse- Ware (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. Empowering Minds. Through OCW, educators improve courses and curricula, making their schools more effective; students find additional resources to help them succeed; and independent learners enrich their lives and use the content to tackle some of our world’s most difficult challenges, including sustainable development, climate change, and cancer eradication. Features :: Courses. By Topic. By Course Number. By Department. Audio/ Video Courses. New Courses. Most Visited Courses. OCW Scholar Courses. This Course at MIT. Supplemental Resources. Translated Courses.

Vision: To integrate and have one of the biggest course and conference libraries in the web to help our community to develop themselves as better professionals and individuals for their communities.


Advance your career through project-based online classes. Relevant courses taught by passionate, experienced industry leaders. Online education that bridges the gap between academic and real world skills. Taught by industry leaders excited to share their expertise from companies such as Google, Facebook, Cloudera, and MongoDB. Bring design thinking together with programming skills to create projects. Learn anywhere and anytime at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our courses are on-demand so you can level-up your skills just in time to start that new project, take on new responsibilities, and explore new technologies. Learn by doing real projects. Design, code, and launch fully functional apps. Express your creativity through applications of your choosing. And build your portfolio with a project you’ll be proud to share with employers. Features :: Full Courses include videos, exercises, personalized support, and verified certificates.

Khan academy.

Learn almost anything for free. Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. All of our resources are completely free forever, regardless of whether you’re a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology. We’re nonprofit, and we would not be possible without the generous support of users everywhere. We’re a small team trying our best to improve the way the world learns. Too many people around the globe don’t have access to good education materials, or they are forced to learn through a system that doesn’t properly cater to their individual needs. We think the technology exists today to fundamentally change this, and we’re trying to build the tools and resources every student deserves. Features :: Library. Math. Science. Economics and finance. Humanities. Computing. Test prep. Partner content.


Ideas worth spreading. (like a virus. But with inspiration instead of sneezing.) TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics —from science to business to global issues— in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world. Our Mission: Spread ideas. Features :: Watch. TED Talks. TEDx Talks. Playlists. Topics. TED-Ed Videos. Surprise me. Read. News. TED Books. Attend. Conferences.TEDx Events. TED Live. Participate. Discuss. TED Prize. Organize a local TED Event. TED Fellows. Transalate. Programs and initiatives. Ways to get TED. TED Radio. Hour on NPR. TED TV programs. Order a DVD. Follow TED. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. Instagram. YouTube. TED Blog. Our community.


Publish books for free. Every book format to meet your every need. Since 2002, Lulu has enabled creators in more than 225 countries and territories to selfpublish nearly two million publications with and Create. Make your ideas count. Bring your book to life. Sell your book in the hands of readers everywhere. Buy unique titles form the world’s largest indie bookstore. Register for free and get book making tools, shopping discounts, and revenue generating insights from our community. Features :: Publishing designed for you. Your book any format. Print only what you need. Freedom and control. Your book everywhere your readers are. Amazon. Barnes & Noble. iBooks. Lulu. com You don’t have to do it alone. Go pro. Online support. Community and forums. Publishing. Books. Photo books. Calendars. eBooks. iPad publishing. Shipping & Pricing. Shipping options. Shipping help. Pricing info. Return policy. Bookstore. Hire an expert. Lulu staff picks.

MyAIU Research

Mission: Motivate and integrate our community to grow and develop their projects and ideas with the support of sponsors or become sponsors to support other projects.

AIU Internship.

Do you have pending communitary hours that you can spend helping to do some research? Help AIU researching information. Obtain a certificate when you graduate. Share your knowledge to make our world a better place.

Vision: To become one of the biggest networks to fund projects and ideas providing the necessary tools to make them successful.

MyAIU Human Rights

Mission: AIU members can access to material and information to get a better knowledge about our rights and the way we can use them in daily basis to prevent any abuse or limitations of them. Vision: Allow us to be better informed about our rights and how to use them. Promote the integration between AIU members in this topic that concerns to everybody

Human rights education:

United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe. Features :: Share your story. Discover and contribute to our series of stories on Human rights education from Teachers and Students in the field. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The High Commissioner for Human Rights. Draft Declaration on Human Rights Education. World Programme for Human Rights Education. Play and learn. Videos, podcasts, and a number of interesting Tools are available to you to discover on our website. Make Human Rights Education even more Fun by exploring our exciting Multemedia section. Observances. Do you know your rights? Teach yourself. Kids. Teenagers University. Teach others. Primary. Secondary. Tertiary. Field experiences. HR materials. Charter of the United Nations. The Universal Declaration. UN documents. Other resources. Play and learn. Videos. Games. Cartoons for kids. Cartoons on human rights.

MyAIU Pledge

Mission: Motivate our members to integrate, coexist and respect their different beliefs creating a positive change to improve lives.

Change a Life is a non profit organization

that allows people with no resources to have access to the education through big hearted sponsors willing to help and see them succeed in life. In Change a Life we are sure that education is the right path to create better people and to help them to achieve a better life Change a Life mission is to be able to allow everybody in the world with the dream of improve themselves through the education to have access to it, providing the financial assistance that is required to be able to study at a local level, global or via internet How is Change a life integrated?

1. Applicants who need a financial assistance to study.
2. Sponsors: People or companies who want to help and see this people succeeding in life and achieving their goals.
3. Change a Life: The way this sponsors can help to the people in need.

Choose one of the following elements
1. Investing some money through AIU platform in our financial section.
2. Access through MyPledge platform and select one student. We can see their profile, program and why they want to study, the most important part is how we can help.
3. We can send an anonymous donation or a general donation through Change a life in the AIU students platform, we go to MyPledge and we search for the option “make an anonymus donation”.

Vision: To become a platform where people can express themselves and to be listen and respected.