ACS National Meeting & Exposition

August 10-14, 2014,
San Francisco, CA. Meet with more than 15,000 chemists, academics, students, and other professionals. The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture: Joan Brennecke, Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame.

Plenary Lectures: Pedro Alvarez, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University; Paul Anastas, Center for Green Chemistry & Engineering, Yale University; Walter Leitner, Institut für Technische Chemie und Makromolekulare Chemie, RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Heinz Leuenberger, Director, Environmental Management Branch United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Abstract Submission Now Open

Education Finance & Loan Symposium

iiBIG presents the 2014 Education Finance & Loan Symposium, to be held May 8-9, 2014 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. This event will feature over 30 expert speakers –from both the private and the public sector– along with other key valued industry participants in the education finance and student loan markets. If you are a student loan provider, investor, lender, servicer, borrower, academia, not-for-profit issuer or other student loan industry professional, this educational finance event will cover the areas of student loan funding, refinancing, origination and credit that directly affect your business.

Hear predictions and insights from the public and private educational loan markets on what to expect from policymakers as they respond to on-going educational loan challenges. Speaking Opportunities. To submit an application to join our speaking faculty, contact George Kent, Conference Director, iiBIG Email: [email protected]

Letter from José Mercado
Chief Executive Officer of AIU

Dear friends

I feel proud to be able to share a very special achievement for Atlantic International University. A few months ago we were invited to participate in UNESCO Clubs and we are now part of this important institution. Since the beginning, AIU’s philosophy has coincided with the one from the United Nations and UNESCO. Their visions and objective go hand in hand with those of AIU. UNESCO Clubs objectives are as follow:

A: To promote international understanding and education with an emphasis in special attention to human rights and to the Sustainable Development of all people.

B: Encourage dialogue between nations for the main purpose of promoting mutual understanding between different cultures and civilizations.

C: Promote the use of science and technology for peaceful purposes, for the welfare of humanity.

D: Promote in all societies the respect of the rights of each individual, of all people, and to their cultural identity as well as the respect for cultural diversity.

E: Ensure the human activities that will help in the preservation of natural environments for present and future generations.

AIU has initiated the converging of activities that will continue to promote the philosophy of Human Rights and Andragogy. We have already attended meetings held by Unesco Club in Mexico and New York in order to offer our contributions from the educational field. At AIU we are convinced that the best way to fight poverty, inequality, violence, terrorism, etc... is through education. We will be reporting AIU’s specific participation to UNESCO Clubs in order to provide you with the opportunity to voluntarily join this important mission. There are some future meetings and activities to be held in Brazil, China and Mexico. Again, this is an achievement that all students, advisors, tutors and General Staff of AIU have successfully accomplished.
Dr. José Mercado

Graduates of the month

Jose Mauricio Quintanilla Zapata
Bachelor of Science Information Systems
Willian Leonicio Rivadeneira Caldas
Doctor of Philosophy Education
Doreen Ngonda
Doctor of Management
Mary Mogolo Mabotho
Doctor of Human Resources
Michael Chengwi Neba
Master of Science Information Technology
Ndifor George Tala
Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
Gilson Luiz Dos Santos Pinheiroz
Bachelor of Psychology
Liu HongZe
Bachelor of Business Administration
Eduardo Alcala Kwan o
Bachelor of Education Teaching and Learning
Iván Rojas Ayalao
Doctor of Project Management Management Columbia
Julio Flórez Oses
Master of Science Mechanical Engineering
Luz Marina Cano Molano
Master of Education Education
Luz Marina Cano Molano
Doctor of Education Education
Manuel Dario Carvajal Trillos
Bachelor of Psychology Clinical Psychology
Rene Mora-Casalda
Doctor of Science Chemical Engineering
Costa Rica
Henry Marcelo Troya Alverca
Master of Science Public Health
Luis Roger Villamarin Coronel
Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering
Luis Narváez-Ricaurte
Doctor of Science Political Science
El Salvador
Iob Techeste Imam
Doctor of Philosophy Business Administration
Zewdie Gebretsadik Beza
Doctor of Science Agronomy
Carolina Isabel Velásquez Telón
Master of Science
Maria Angelina Reyes Fuentes
Doctor of Philosophy
Will Roberto Moncada
Doctor of Economics
Strategic Planning
Mohammed El-Shaikh
Bachelor of Science
Osbert Abraham Grey
Master of Engineering
Stephen Agbobli
Master of Science
Civil Engineering
J. Antonio Tafoya Razo
Doctor of Science Agronomy
Jorge Arturo Hernández
Bachelor of Science
Marco Antonio Damián Garibay
Doctor of Education
Victor Fuentes Enríquez
Doctor of Business Administration
Emiola Olawale Kolapo Steve
Doctor of Philosophy
Operations Research
Arlindo Bengui André
Doctor of Science

Arnulfo Luis Franco Rodriguez
Doctor of Science
Fisheries and Environmenta
. Panama

David Moises Giraldo Cano
Bachelor of Science
Luis Francisco Vivanco Aldon
Master of Business Administration
Samir George Abudayeh Giha
Doctor of Philosophy
Political Science
Felix Bigabo Bizimana
Master of Counseling
Ibrahim Othman Al-Saleh
Bachelor of Business Administration
Saudi Arabia
Thu Rein Ko Ko
Doctor of Philosophy
Industrial Engineering
Juma Samuel Khamsin Walle
Bachelor of Arts
Public Administration
Helen Hubert Kataraiya
Bachelor of Science
Baha George Chami
Bachelor of Science
Information Technology
Bilal Mohammed El Khatib
Bachelor of Business Administration
Business Administration
Heidar Kamal Zadeh Hassan
Bachelor of Science
Information Technology

You have to challenge the Status Quo

Interview with Bernice Welbeck, Ghana, graduated from Doctorate’s Degree of Business Administration

Tell us how has the learning process based in Andragogy impacted your life professionally and personally

It has been an exciting experience; another level of education and learning. An experience that brings the “you” from you. This experience makes you identify who you really are, because it allows you to bring what you have experienced as a result of working and your personal experience, you bring it to the program to make it a reality. And for me, it has been incredible.

What made you decide to enroll at AIU?

I had a lot of considerations. And I was looking for the kind of education that would empower me. The kind of education that would not undermine the status quo, but challenge the status quo, because you need to make an impact to the world. You need to have your presence felt on the knwoledge world. You don’t want to rely solely on what other people have done. You want also to make an impact to the world, you need to know what to bring to the world. And that was the kind of platform I was looking for. So for me, it was an answer to my call. And that was what influenced me in my choice for AIU.

Academically speaking, tell us the level of AIU compared to other Universities.

I think it is fantastic in the sense of, like I said, giving you the opportunity of creating the platform that enables you the chance to challenge the status quo. For me, life is about challenges, if you really want to make a mark, if you really want to impact and affect your community in which you live, the society where you live, you have to challenge the status quo. This also allows not only to do the right things but to do the things right. And for me it is really really important. You have to be doing the things right even when no one is watching. And that is a great source of inspiration.

How have you impacted your community back in Ghana?

A lot. I would tell you that in just some few months I have made a lot of presentations: detailed presentations, detailed researchs worked on policy issues in my area of work. Because... I don’t know how it happened, it was just one presentation somewhere that may attract people, society, to ask me contribute to especific areas. Because working, it is informing policy directions. It is informing change. It’s been a nice experience.

How has the knowledge that you have gained at AIU helped you in your job at the National Labour Commision?

First of all, I am empowered, very confident, and within a few months I have an accelerated group on the job. As I speak to you now, I am the acting Chief Executive of the National Labour Commision, –that is the National Labour Commision of the Republic of Ghana. Being in that executive position in that institution is not small. When I make a decision, this affects people lifes; I make decisions that affect the economy.

What would you recomend a student that is looking to enroll at AIU?

I would tell them that it is a fantastic oportunity, if you really want to identify who you are, if you really want to contribute to the prevailing environment –and I emphasize that, the prevalent environment– if you really want to make an impact, if you really want to make a change, if you really want to leave your footprint as a contributor to society, for being a contributor to your country you have to enroll at AIU, because AIU enables you, AIU empowers you. AIU broadens your horizon, it makes you a critical thinker.