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Atlantic International University is considered as one the leading distance learning universities that has succeeded best in integrating Information Technology to its teaching techniques. AIU has more than 20 years serving students all over the world by offering high quality online programs and most importantly helping them to develop as better human beings. Atlantic International University’s values based in the Human Rights, provides to all our students the opportunity they have been seeking for…. With a wide list of successful Alumni including 2 former presidents we continue to strive for excellence. If they could make the difference why not you?

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Get a Prestigious Degree From The Comfort Of Your Home… At a Fraction Of The Cost

Sometimes the only thing stopping you from climbing the success ladder is a poor educational background. Truth is, you cannot wish a degree into existence. You’ll need to put in time, effort, motivation and money, a lot of it… See, doing it the classical way in your situation is simply an excluded option. You’re a busy person, who probably work and feed your family. Quitting your job and investing thousands of dollars to eventually get a degree would be a non-sense. But at the same time you don’t want to miss out on the many advantages a degree can offer you. Did you know for example that every day that passes, reduces your chance to make + 1 million dollars during your lifetime? Why? According to research from Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce, showing that the difference in salary between a High School Graduate and a College Graduate is significantly bigger, this and the fact that people with a higher educational level are more often considered as positive assets to companies

People like you always want to improve themselves and they look for solutions, as we may know education in the United States can be costly and a long process, especially when we consider all the expenses that studying abroad has such as:


  • Food
  • Housing
  • Paperwork
  • Lawyers
  • and the list goes on and on...

Atlantic International University Advantages of getting your Degree:

  • It opens up new opportunities

    Whether in the corporate world or in entrepreneurship, if you have a degree you’re much more likely to find a well-paid job or come up with your next great idea as an entrepreneur!

  • It protects you in hard times

    During economic recessions, a person with a degree is less vulnerable to layoffs as opposed to people without education.

  • It shapes your thinking

    Having a degree teaches you self-discipline, time-management, complex thinking and plenty of other skills that’ll better prepare you to face life hazards and adversities.

  • It increases your social status

    When you obtain a degree, you are automatically perceived as a serious, reliable and professional person. Both socially and professionally.   


  • Gives you more confidence

    Gives you the confidence sometimes you need to prove yourself that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams.

  • increases your chance to make + 1 million dollars

    According to a research shows that the difference in salary between a High School Graduate and a College Graduate is significantly bigger, this and the fact that people with a higher educational level are more often considered as positive assets to companies


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Completing a degree program can be a capstone achievement and our students have much to be proud of. AIU students come from all walks of life, they are business men, visionaries, parents, engineers, counselors, philanthropists, teachers and many others who take part in our every day lives. During their studies they all had something in common and that is a desire to achieve academic excellence. With thousands of students all over the world, we proudly say we always believed in online education as we were pioneers using this method of education. If you were looking to complete a program in an institution, where you are not just another but an unique individual search no more, we are the right choice for you… Take action and change your life now….. Complete the application for and let us offer you a program according to your needs.

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