The University’s online programs follow an open curriculum instead of a pre-defined course list. The student and academic department set forth a path uniquely tailored to the needs, interests, opportunities, and real world demands that surround each student. The Virtual Campus and MYAIU platform bring online learners closer to the university than ever before. AIU offers degree programs for adult learners at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and post-doctoral levels in a wide range of majors and areas of study.

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Human Support at AIU

Each student has a Tutor & Academic Advisor to help guide them through the program.

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Video on the Vision of the AIU program.
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MYAIU strives to go beyond just academics by addressing the 11 elements that affect the human condition thus following a more holistic approach to education.
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Students and Faculty develop, produce and edit shows, documentaries and other media disseminated via AIUTV & Radio while allowing viewers to get in contact with creators.
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Communication via voip/phone, video chat, internal messaging and e-mail surround each student with helpful staff ready to assist and support academic development. A log of all communications is conveniently stored for you in the Virtual Campus.
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Networking, collaboration, socializing is possible by students from around the world with MYAIU Link, AIU’s own social media platform. Find fellow students by city, country, industry, major, degree level, interests, work background, etc.
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Now 19 years of history & Alumni representing 200 +countries can be found in the Graduation Gallery. Find your graduation memory or witness those of past graduates. Interviews and video testimonials are archived as well as group and individual photos.
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Campus Mundi, AIU’s monthly magazine brings our worldwide student body together in one place that showcases distinguished students, achievements, awards and news. Join the conversation each month and stay informed. What to participate, email our editor!
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Our self-paced degree programs result in students completing their academic requirements year round, here we proudly share letters of experience arriving from all corners of the globe.

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Each year we host several graduation ceremonies in which attendance is optional. The small percentage of students who attend experience an unforgettable event with families, friends and staff. At the event, many students take part in a short video testimonial.
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The university Online Library holds resources necessary for the successful completion of the academic program. These include 140,000 eBooks, 60 million full text journals, articles, and periodicals plus 1.5 billion bibliographical references. Learning and researching online occurs seamlessly as the library is integrated to the AIU Virtual Campus.

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