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The contemporary era establishes new challenges. Being part of this global village that we call Earth demands us to shift the paradigms that we have on education and the mission that, as individuals, we are here to fulfill. Silvia Godoy Cubilla has accepted this challenge and is investing in creating new concepts on what education means for Paraguay.

A Master in Art graduate from the September 2020 class from Atlantic International University, Godoy is also the Vice-Chancellor of the Universidad Privada del Guaira, in the Paraguayan city of Villarrica.

With Godoy's help, this university works towards creating accurate responses to the challenges posed by globalization and adopting the necessary shifts to insert Paraguay in the regional and world context.

Every effort counts

Paraguay is a relatively small country, both in population and territory. The Paraguayan population doesn't exceed 8 million inhabitants, with a density of 46 people per mi2. But, what every country and person should understand is that every change -no matter how small- is essential.

Contributions like the one of Silvia Godoy put the whole world a little closer to achieving the goals planted by the United Nations in their 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals.

Godoy's commitment to forming integral professionals aims to attain the Quality Education goal. It also supports the Decent Work goal and to achieve Economic Growth and Reduced Inequality.

A mission for equality

Godoy's vision is clear: as interlinked parts of a global village, every individual requires integral formation. According to Universidad Privada del Guaira's mission, education centers on a trifecta: body, mind, and spirit. These are their basis for reaching a more progressive, competitive, and just society.

The pursuit of integral education is essential for the whole world, especially for the Latin American context. Despite the particular realities of every country, Latam presents high inequality rates, a common factor among developing regions. Therefore, Godoy's efforts could improve not just Paraguay but the entire area.

No matter how it looks or how big it is, every effort counts towards building a better world.

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