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What makes a leader a good leader? For Guido Rafael Vaca, this is a question that finds answers on many levels, starting with business administration.

A prolific Ecuadorian-American writer, Guido Vaca obtained a Doctorate in Business Administration in 2019. With the support of Atlantic International University, Doctor Vaca achieved this significant milestone that is now helping him build a more favorable business environment in Ecuador and the world.

According to Doctor Vaca, trading and commerce are the central axes that move the world. From this perspective, strengthening administrative capacities in managers is crucial to secure a better future for our businesses and economies.

But there is a twist. When talking about administration, we usually tend to think of business owners. However, Doctor Vaca's approach expands this universe to incorporate managers of all levels.

Partnership for the Goals

Guido Rafael Vaca strongly believes that understanding the principles of good administration is vital. He considers that it doesn't matter how small the scope of someone's action can be: that person's contribution is correspondingly essential for building a better future. This notion applies equally to everyone, from the "big" actors of the economy to heads of families.

Through his books, Vaca studies the different ramifications of his journey to becoming a better leader but, how to become a great administrator? According to Vaca, the answer is asking for help.

He considers that making alliances with others is key to securing the necessary knowledge and experience to become a great administrator. A notion that impulsed his studies in AIU.

Securing sustainable development

Doctor Vaca's vision on alliances follows some of the inquiries raised by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

What kind of world can we build if we join forces and help each other? Building Partnership for the Goals is a structural first step into developing more solid systems and propelling better results for the world economy. According to Vaca, there are many opportunities for progress, and only one first step is necessary.

Are you ready to take that first step? Sign up with Atlantic International University, and start making a change.

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Guido Rafael Vaca - Ecuador/United States Atlantic International University - AIU 2019