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Alliances that foster excellence

Our mission at Atlantic International University is to be a higher education institution concerned with generating cultural development alternatives that lead to a more efficient administration of the world and its environment. Always with the clear objective of exercising human and community rights through diversity, with the ultimate goal of the evolution of the world.

In order to fulfill our mission, we have sealed an alliance with the Autonomous University of Chiriquí Panama, which allows us to continue empowering students towards global convergence through a sustainable educational design based on Andragogy, Omniology, and empowerment.

Recognizing the importance of the Autonomous University of Chiriquí, considered among the main ones in Panama and the first autonomous university and the first in the western region of the country, dedicated to the generation, reception, and transmission of knowledge; AIU signs this agreement, which provides students with new opportunities and enriches their path to success.

The seal of said commitment was made through the Rector, Etelvina Medianero de Bonagas, with the main goal of strengthening ourselves as institutions in order to project ourselves to the communities and achieve the growth and development of our countries.

AIU awarded the AIU Medal of Academic Merit to Medianero de Bonagas as a special recognition for their great contribution to higher education as President of the Autonomous University of Chiriquí, to encourage Medianero de Bonagas to continue its mission and continue contributing to higher education in Panama, thus managing to empower more professionals and therefore improving the quality of life in that country. Panama is currently one of the Latin American countries with the highest economic development and growth, and this is thanks to education.

A very positive strategic alliance

This alliance is formed to strengthen higher education, including research, which is one of the most important axes that a university should have, and even more so when we can do it together, in order to solve all national problems in all countries.

The goal is to multiply, work globally, and combine strengths in order to grow both institutions significantly more, because we believe in education, and in this globalized world, you cannot think individually; we must work as a team because this is the knowledge century, and the most successful professionals will be those who have the most knowledge, and universities are for that.

Empowering our students

The alliance between both universities seeks to exchange experiences through this global accreditation process, which is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate graduates to have more competitiveness when entering the labor market, thanks to the exchange of experiences, both from Panama, like the USA and the rest of the world on higher education.

A higher education agreement whose banner is to undertake knowledge and project itself towards society, knowing that education is precisely the only weapon capable of changing the world, helping countries and societies to provide quality of life and reduce poverty.

The great challenge of education today

Dr. Ricardo González, during the interview with Medianero de Bonagas, reveals the great challenge of AIU today: what to do with our students so that when they grow up they are not obsolete?

Dr. González replies: “Students often begin their studies and upon completion, what they chose is no longer valid or there are no longer opportunities in the area, therefore the challenge for all universities is to update and ensure that each student is to become self-sufficient in generating your continuing education, and we will be facilitators because information and knowledge are already almost infinite and cannot be given in programs of 4–5 years for a bachelor's degree, 2 for a master's degree or 2 or 3 years for a postgraduate degree.

At AIU we empower students to be their own university.

Entrevista a Etelvina de Bonagas

Mgtra. Etelvina de Bonagas - Rectora

Universidad Autónoma de Chiriqui Panamá