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Alongside our history, one thing has been transversal to most cultures: their love and fear of a higher force that many call God.

Roselien Marie Rotgans, a Pastor from Suriname, graduated from Atlantic International University in 2019, obtaining a Doctorate in Contextual Theology.

For Pastor Rotgans, "contextual theology is bringing the word of God to the people, in their own culture, in their situation and their way of thinking." This way, we can have a more accurate perception of what those people think, their lives, beliefs, and how they relate to God, and this is her way to contribute to the world she envisions.

Awareness is fundamental

For Pastor Roselien, understanding that we are not alone is the base of all. By harnessing a belief of how important each of us is, we can also develop a better relationship with ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

She thinks this is crucial to creating a more connected world where we grow through mutual collaboration, understanding, and love. It's about how we relate as humans and how we treat our environment, understanding that living in balance with every life surrounding us is critical for our mutual survival. By comprehending what we mean for each other, we can build a better future for all.

Synergy for a better tomorrow

Doctor Rotgans concluded that the only way to secure development is through mutual collaboration. 
By understanding that, while we can achieve some things independently, we can achieve more extraordinary things if we act together.

Pastor Roselien Marie Rotgans' work promotes basic principles in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. With her vision, she supports the advancement and harmony of the globe.

For example, helping to spread mutual collaboration, she is attaining Partnership for the Goals in the tiniest levels.

In addition, approaching every culture using their language, vision, and ways, she creates the conditions to spread knowledge to new horizons and people initially excluded. Like so, she contributes towards achieving Reduced Inequalities.

Furthermore, Pastor Roselie's speech talks about consciously securing environmental balance and protecting all creation, empowering Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action.

Through her passion for knowledge and her beliefs, Pastor Rotgans is securing a better life for her and everyone.

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Roselien Marie Rotgans - Suriname Atlantic International University - AIU 2020