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The digital era has meant change for everybody and everything. Although some cultures still resist this change, 2020 was an important wake-up call as to how we believe an excellent work and education system should look like.

However, some actors worldwide boarded this digital train a long time ago and now serve as a living testimony of the opportunities brought to life by the hyperspace, proving old paradigms obsolete.

This is the case of Reinaldo J. Fagundez, a Master in Taxation and a 2019 graduate from the Atlantic International University. A Canadian professional, Fagundez discovered a response to some of his professional inquiries and desires in long-distance education.

Finding inner inspiration

Fagundez joined AIU pursuing a better life and better skills to face the challenges our world presents. By choosing what he was going to learn, Reinaldo saw an opportunity to expand his knowledge. That way, he leveraged the unique system provided by AIU.

He was able to ask himself what he wanted to learn and what knowledge he needed to acquire to be a better professional. This system served him as a base to design his program and encouraged him to put honest effort into it.

Nevertheless, studying still means a challenge, and online education poses a significant responsibility. By succeeding on this test, Reinaldo Fagundez found new strength and perseverance in himself.

Knowledge without borders

Despite all the challenges it presents, one of the biggest wins of the online world is its capacity to dilute borders. New possibilities emerge with long-distance education, mainly because the available content offer becomes as big as the world. And this was an advantage Reinaldo Fagundez used for his benefit.

The academic offer for tax professionals in Canada and the US is small, but with AIU's help, he's now a master of his trade, with the necessary tools to help clients and younger students.

He dared to try a non-conventional solution for his aspirations, and by doing this, he made himself a testimony of what the Sustainable Development Goals propose. He obtained Quality Education with this university's system and Reduced Inequalities by accessing knowledge that wasn't initially available for him. Creating this alliance with AIU also shows Partnership for the Goals, providing Canada with a more substantial professional that can help spread this knowledge.

It doesn't matter how big or small; every effort counts when building a better planet.
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Reinaldo J. Fagundez Tirado - Canada Atlantic International University - AIU 2019