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Education is a primary necessity for development, and the reasons are obvious. Through knowledge, we can build new capacities and expand our options for innovation, providing unique strengths and solutions for known and unknown challenges.

Education can make us stronger and give us autonomy, a vision that Marina Aybar Gomez fully supports.

Gomez, a Dominican Doctoral graduate from Atlantic International University's 2016 class, uses the knowledge she acquired during her formation and career to support a new education model. For Gomez, quality education needs to revolve around the students.

A student-centered model

As a doctor in Philosophy with a Ph.D. in Social Communication, Gomez's vision aims to help develop an educational system that provides students with skills and tools that fit their professional aspirations and questions.

An expert in the Theory of Communications, Gomez conceives education as a communication process. Therefore, to secure the efficient transmission of knowledge, programs need to create the conditions for the student to get this information and apply it in their professional practice and life.

This idea poses a challenge for many educational centers globally, where the need for innovation and new models is evident. However, it represents a definite advantage for future generations, hoping that education can improve at the same pace as technology and information.

Creating future through knowledge

Through her experience in AIU, Doctor Gomez found an alternative that, she believes, can answer the deficiencies of the education system. According to her, besides considering what specific areas present new possibilities for every student, time is another determinant factor.

The times and dynamics have changed and adapted, but many education programs haven't. Therefore, it is necessary to revise how we build our education programs to secure that those plans provide real value to students.

This concept follows the aspirations proposed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goal number 4, Quality Education, is an undeniable pillar for our world's true advancement.

Through quality education, humans and society rise in strength and become more capable of dealing with challenges.

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Marina Aybar Gomez - Dominican Republic Atlantic International University - AIU 2016