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Euston Trevor Kapotwe is an accomplished business expert from Zambia. Amongst his achievements, Kapotwe includes a Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Finance, and Economics position at the Australian Institute of Business and Technology. Additionally, he is a Senior Consultant in Financial Management position at the Zambia Institute of Management and obtained a Doctorate in Business Administration from Atlantic International University's 2018 class.

In his country, Doctor Kapotwe is part of the academic staff of the Zambian Open University School of Business. As a finance and business expert, his mission is to educate his students to become entrepreneurs, thus breaking with old concepts about the role of education in Zambian society. For him, nurturing entrepreneurial skills is critical.

Breaking the old model

Zambia is a country in Sub-Saharan Africa with an economy dependant on copper, representing 60% of total exports. During the last few years, the price of copper experienced a descent. This crisis hurt the economy, which stalled after a period of growth.

On the other side, Zambia currently uses less than 30% of the arable land. Despite the droughts that affected the crops during recent years, small investors could still benefit from the fertile land and help the economic growth.

In Kaportwe's words: "with agriculture, you cannot go wrong." Investing in the agricultural sector is a way to boost economic growth, and he sees entrepreneurs as the right actor to make this shift.

By creating new crop zones, these small investors would be producing more employment, therefore helping specific areas and the country's whole development. Also, by boosting a sector different from copper, they can help reduce the effect of price descents.

Contributing to development

Another change that Kapotwe proposes is the expansion of the tax base in Zambia.
The employment rate of this country is considerably high, close to 90%—however, only a tiny part of that workforce participates in the formal economy.

The taxable base endures high rates, while most workers don't contribute to this earning. By amplifying the taxable base, Kapotwe proposes that the government would have enough income for -much needed- social investment.

This vision supports many of the goals included in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. A bigger job offer and social investment could support the goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

With this model, Doctor Kapotwe is changing the economy in his country. Are you ready to make a difference? Sign today with Atlantic International University and dare to be unique.

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Euston Trevor Kapotwe - Zambia Atlantic International University - AIU 2018