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Some projects require bigger teams, and no doubt, building a better world involves the biggest team: all of us. However, a group of people carries most of the heavy lifting when raising a more inclusive and fair world for our future generations. That group, of course, includes teachers and educators of all kinds.

A professional of education, Zulma I. Soler Candelaria has a comprehensive understanding of her role to play. Soler obtained a Doctorate in Educational Administration degree from Atlantic International University in 2019, and her aspirations with this newly acquired knowledge are tremendous.

Doctor Soler wants to impart education based on values and effort, disregarding race, color, background, or gender. For her, the primary lesson for students to learn is that it doesn't matter your skin color or your economic situation; aspiring for better things might be challenging but achievable if you put in your effort.

Derooting corruption

This Puerto Rican educator involved herself in educative and administrative roles within the education system during her whole career. For Soler, it's not enough to impart knowledge. For an actual change, it's necessary to attack the vices of the system in the early stages.

As for many other countries and territories, in Puerto Rico, corruption remains a central source of obstruction for development. In scandals involving high-ranking government officials, different corruption accusations generated civic unrest on this island during the last couple of years.

Values and progress

In the search to reduce corruption, Soler's approach relies on values. That is why she's made an example of herself by working on different areas, such as planning and governmental ethics.

Like many others, Doctor Soler believes education is a pillar that will be fundamental for building a better future for her country and the world, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

People like Doctor Soler work tirelessly to build a better society. Her teaching work contributes directly to achieving the Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Reduced Inequalities goals. Also, by actively participating in constructing a fair system, her work impacts attaining Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

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Zulma I. Soler Candelaria - Puerto Rico Atlantic International University - AIU 2019