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Universal health is one of the biggest challenges our world faces nowadays, without counting the foreseeable effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Health Organization states that regarding all the efforts and projects put towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, number 3, Good Health and Well Being, is still a hurdle for more than half of the total world population. As for most structural problems, developing countries face a more significant gap than many others.

In Swaziland, a small African country, health problems extend to high mortality rates (including neonatal mortality), HIV/AIDS, and mental health problems. However, the work of people like Sotah Mahanya sets a new light for Swaziland's development.

The unseen side of medicine

Sotah Mahanya is a Liswati nurse, educator, and lecturer. As part of Atlantic International University October 2020's class, Mahanya received a Doctoral title in Science, majoring in Public Health.

Mahanya is a prolific researcher and publisher with a perspective centered on the human approach to medicine. A professional nurse, Doctor Mahanya's research revolves around one idea: what can health providers do to ensure their patients are getting quality treatment.

According to her perspective, one of Swaziland's main problems is related to human care. For example, her research shows that nurses often fear treating patients with Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (TB) -one of the top infectious diseases worldwide. Mahanya also found that new nursing graduates, while willing to provide care and service, don't have the required skills and expertise necessary to treat their patients properly.

All these conditions negatively affect patients' perception of the care they receive, causing distrust and discouraging them from following their treatments.

A human approach for medicine

Mahanya, now Principal of Good Shepherd College, has a clear vision: through education, she will help to build a health system that protects patients and is approachable -and affordable- for them. This way, Mahanya believes that Swaziland can take a necessary turn and improve its health statistics.

This vision aligns with the Good Health and Well Being goal of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations. Doctor Mahanya's work promises development for the health crisis in Swaziland and Quality Education for health professionals in this country, supporting at least two of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Sotah Mahanya uses her knowledge and her unique approach to build a better world and a better Swaziland.

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ISotah Mahanya - Swaziland Atlantic International University - AIU 2016