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Raquel Rodrguez Vega has been a key figure for the Mexican state of Querétaro, as she is in charge of developing a strategy for the establishment of upper secondary education and technological baccalaureate educational centers.

Her work has been influential in closing educational gaps and providing the people of Querétaro with the right to a high-quality education. This will have an impact on the country's future by improving education quality, working conditions, and economic growth, as well as assisting in the reduction of economic gaps.

The pride of a family

Rodríguez Vega explains how obtaining her Ph.D. has impacted her life positively: “In my professional life, AIU has given me greater growth, a professional projection, which gives me solidity and that totally affects my family situation. My children are motivated, derived from this growth, as is my husband. The family sees the growth, and it makes me proud.”

"At work level, it is more solid, it opens the field of opportunity for you, and allows you to project yourself professionally."

AIU, is an excellent experience

When talking about her experience, Rodríguez Vega recalls how the support of the mentors and of AIU was essential to manage to combine the professional and personal. "AIU complements, since it helps you to obtain your studies, but also to make it more digestible, easier, it also gives you enough tools so that you can develop and improve yourself in all aspects."

“Finally, the tools that AIU makes available to students are an excellent help, especially in my case, because the part that I see is part of planning the strategy for the opening of new educational centers for upper secondary education, baccalaureate technology, and it has given me a clearer vision, being Head of the office of the planning and evolution direction of the college of science and technology studies of Querétaro”.

Raquel Rodriguez

Entrevista a Raquel Rodriguez

Consejo de Ciencia y Tecnología del Estado de Querétaro (CONCYTEQ)