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Cecilia Jaramillo is based in Canada and is a graduate of Atlantic International University with a Ph.D. in Personality Psychology.

Cecilia's work has focused on helping women victims of domestic violence through art. In her experience, she has found that women get trapped in fear, but by developing their creative side, through art, they can find a way out.

Healing through art

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Painting and sculpture help express feelings through colors and shapes. It is a work of expression that generates the feeling that you can recreate your life and remake it differently.

Being a painter, Cecilia has found to help those people who have lived in an environment of violence through art. Jaramillo says that art has nothing to do with special abilities, art must create. And therefore, she helps many women survivors of gender violence to lose their fear of the unknown. It helps them face and reinvent themselves in any area.

Violence affects self-esteem. Women and children who have grown up in the midst of violence are afraid to study because they do not believe in themselves. Art gives them that opportunity to say: Yes, I can! And believe in them again.

Cecilia thanks the AIU program for having shaped her project. She highlights that the AIU methodology has allowed her to get out of the box and has given her the freedom to explore, be more creative, and of course, be an agent of change in society.

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