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Everybody needs food, and as the world population constantly grows, the effects of human action keep hitting the Earth.

To secure the planet's survival it is necessary to innovate on how we do things. Jose Silvestre Quezada, a Dominican Agronomic Engineer, made his mission to improve agriculture in his country and thus help the world.

Quezada graduated from Atlantic International University in 2019 and obtained a Doctor in Agricultural Marketing degree. Today, Doctor Quezada works with small Dominican communities to advance their agricultural production and commerce, increasing their income and the Dominican GDP.

Changing the how

For Quezada, his main interest is to improve the methods used by these communities, and all communities in the Dominican Republic, benefitting the farmers, the land, and the economy.

According to Quezada, many areas engage in hillside farming, which provides income for these families and food for the regions. However, he warns about the environmental effects of this practice: erosion. Compared to other processes, this approach increases the erosion rate, making it less convenient for the economy and the land.

Doctor Quezada believes that the communities could reduce erosion and expenses by using other methods while maximizing profitability and enabling climate action.
But Quezada's plan doesn't end with farming methods. He also thinks that farmers should change how they pick the products they grow. With planning, Dominican farmers could expand the variety of their crops, further fulfilling the demands of the markets.

These changes added to meticulously planned marketing and strategic commerce are some of the contributions that Quezada has developed, through his knowledge and experience, to encourage development for the DR.

Land, work, and capital

Jose Quezada believes that taking advantage of technology is a fair way to enhance wealth in the country, strategizing over the three factors of production: land, work, and capital.

By increasing the Dominican GDP, Quezada also contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Increasing the wealth usually links to attaining No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, and Quality Education.

Using technology provides for Decent Work and Economic Growth and Industry Innovation and Infrastructure. Also, reducing the harmful effects of farming contributes to Climate Action.

By helping communities in the Dominican Republic, Doctor Quezada produces a new horizon for this country.
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Jose Silvestre Quezada - Dominican Republic Atlantic International University - AIU 2020