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Gender equality is a constant pursuit in the modern world. Day to day, women across the planet use their voices and skills to achieve seats on leadership and management all around the globe.

That is the case of Mariluz Arias Eusebio, Doctor in Accounting from the 2020 class from AIU. Thanks to her, the Dominican Republic's guild of accountants secure today a new future and legacy in this country.

A gender perspective

A public accountant, Doctor Arias was the Executive Director of the Institute of Authorized Public Accountants of the Dominican Republic. Under her management, this institute reopened the training school of the accountant's union, a vital teaching resource for these professionals in the DR.

However, Mariluz doesn't only stand out because of her many achievements. Despite the global efforts for gender equality, the Dominican Republic still has a long journey ahead.

For example, less than 30% of the DR's Parliament members are women. As of 2019, the adolescent pregnancy rate was over 50 per 1,000 women, adding to a list of claims for domestic violence, unpaid work, and a rate for unmet need for family planning of over 10%.

Teaching with example

While literacy in the Dominican Republic is high and relatively equal for both genders, women are significantly underrepresented in the job market, replicating alongside Latin America, especially for leadership positions.

As Executive Director of the Institute of Accountants, Doctor Arias Eusebio presented an increased revenue of over 3000% compared to the year before her entry. Results like this, so noticeable and tangible, are testimony of her management and a spectacular contribution in the fight for Gender Equality, as proposed by the United Nations in their 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

By helping reduce the gender gap in her country, Mariluz is also pushing her nation towards fulfilling other outcomes, like Reduced poverty and Zero hunger. Also, by creating a precedent of good management, she sets a path to achieving Peace, Justice, and Strong institutions, one of the seventeen goals for the 2030 Agenda.

Through her experience and knowledge, Doctor Arias is causing a change of paradigm in Latin America. Are you ready to make a change? Sign up with Atlantic International University and enroll to be unique.

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Mariluz Arias Eusebio - Dominican Republic Atlantic International University - AIU 2020

Mariluz Arias Eusebio - Dominican Republic
Atlantic International University - AIU 2020

Mariluz Arias Eusebio - Dominican Republic
Atlantic International University - AIU 2020

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