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Edna Mukurazhizha, a visionary leader from Zimbabwe, has etched an inspiring success story through her journey in the financial services sector. Driven by a passion for empowering women and armed with a Doctorate in Business Administration from Atlantic International University (AIU), Edna has become a trailblazer in the industry.

Academic Achievement and Athletic Prowess

Born into a family of eight, Edna's journey has been shaped by her father's influence and her mother's unwavering support. A Pastor herself, she is married to a Pastor and blessed with five children. Edna holds an Economics Degree from the University of Zimbabwe, completed her MBA in 2013, and underwent a management and leadership development program at the University of Stellenbosch. Beyond her professional achievements, Edna is an accomplished athlete, having participated in marathons and received awards.

Academic Achievement: AIU Doctorate in Business Administration

Edna's pursuit of academic excellence at AIU, marked by the unique opportunity to study with dedicated tutors and academic advisors, laid the foundation for her transformative journey. Her belief in being "Unique and Unrepeatable" resonates with the principles instilled during her doctoral studies.

Professional Accomplishments

Founder and CEO of Empowered Woman Excel Sacco

Edna's vision led to the establishment of the Empowered Woman Excel Savings and Credit Cooperative Society in Zimbabwe and Zambia. This initiative aimed to improve women's lives through savings mobilization, providing affordable credit, and investing in real estate.

Megafest Business Woman of the Year Award

Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Edna received the Megafest Business Woman of the Year award, a testament to her dedication and leadership in the financial sector.

Million Dollar Fund Investment Success

Edna's role as the CEO of Empowered Woman Excel Sacco included serving customers with a 90% success rate on new investors for the Million Dollar Fund Investment, showcasing her ability to drive positive outcomes.

Key Positions Held

  1. CEO, Empowered Woman Excel Sacco
    Edna's role involves steering the strategy and vision for society, focusing on empowering women through financial inclusion.

  2. Managing Director, WEDB Financial Services
    Her leadership extends to WEDB Financial Services, contributing to the growth and development of the financial sector

  3. Managing Director, BancEASY
    Edna's expertise also extends to BancEASY, where her strategic vision enhances the institution's financial services.

  4. Founding Director of Woman Excel
    Edna's commitment to women's empowerment is further exemplified by her role as the Founding Director of Woman Excel, an organization dedicated to breaking women out of mediocrity into greatness.

Career Journey

Edna's illustrious career spans over 18 years in the financial services sector, commencing as a Graduate Trainee with ZB Bank in 1998. Her journey includes vital roles such as Account Relationship Manager at African Banking Corporation and General Manager at Zimbabwe Allied Banking Group. Notably, she successfully set up Asset Finance at BancABC in 2010, achieving the largest market share during her tenure.

Leadership and Advocacy

Edna's commitment to empowerment goes beyond her professional roles. As a Member of the United Nations Women Leadership Network Zimbabwe steering committee and Vice Chairperson for the COMESA Federation of Women in Business Zimbabwe Chapter, she actively contributes to the advancement of women in leadership.

Awards and Recognition

Edna's contributions have not gone unnoticed, with accolades such as the Megafest Award, ZNCC Winner in the Banking and Finance category, and CEO GLOBAL Finalist for Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government. These awards affirm her impact on the financial services industry.

Global Expansion

Thanks to the exponential growth and confidence gained through the academic freedom that she has gained and her professional journey, Edna is spearheading the expansion of Empowered Woman Excel Sacco into Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana. Furthermore, she is working on acquiring licenses for operations in the United Kingdom and the United States, showcasing the global reach of her endeavors.

In conclusion, Dr. Edna Mukurazhizha's success story is a testament to the transformative power of education, dedication to empowerment, and visionary leadership. Her journey reflects the profound impact one individual can have on their community and beyond, shaping a brighter future for women in business.

FEMCOM Zimbabwe Launches Women’s Bank Under Edna Mukurazhizha’s Leadership

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Edna Mukurazhizha and Ms. Birgitta Matengenzara launched the Empowered Woman Excel SAACO Bank under the auspices of the Federation of National Association of Women in Business, Zimbabwe Chapter. This micro-finance institution aims to support women's economic empowerment across various sectors.

With contributions totaling USD 24,000, the bank already provides small loans to female MSMEs in agribusiness, teaching, mining, handicrafts, textiles, transportation, law, finance, service industry, tourism, and professional associations. Notably, the initiative has become a lifeline for women entrepreneurs during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The launch event was instrumental in raising awareness, seeking government support, and garnering international recognition for the Zimbabwe Women SAACO Bank. The vision extends beyond individual empowerment; the bank aspires to be a key regional trade integration and infrastructure development facilitator. Training sessions on financial literacy and accessing finance are on the horizon, aligning with FEMCOM's broader mission of empowering women in business.

Zimbabwe UK Business Chamber Annual Conference Welcomed Edna Mukurazhizha

In a testament to her commitment to breaking barriers and seizing opportunities, Edna Mukurazhizha has been invited as a speaker at the Zimbabwe UK Business Chamber Annual Conference. The theme, 'Breaking Barriers and Seizing Opportunities Together,' aligns seamlessly with Edna's life's work.

Hosted by presenter Peter Soxx Soko, the Belfry Hotel and Resort conference, Sutton Coldfield, gathers UK-based Zimbabwean small and medium business owners and professionals. Edna joins a distinguished lineup of speakers, including Kennedy Mwedziwendira, Lawrence Nyazema, Duduzile Shinya, Steve Chivasa, Andrew Nyamayaro, and Ruth Dhliwayo.

This collaborative event, supported by Diaspora Insurance and other sponsors, provides a platform for networking, discussing empowerment initiatives, exploring post-COVID-19 business opportunities, addressing SME challenges, and considering strategic and holistic investment options.

Woman Excel: Breaking Barriers for Women's Empowerment

In 2011, Edna founded Woman Excel, a non-profit platform that inspires women to break barriers and excel in all aspects of their lives. The organization, with a membership of 5,000 women from various sectors, aims to cultivate a mindset of entrepreneurship, particularly among young women in universities. Edna envisions Woman Excel as a force for national growth, emphasizing that empowering a woman is equivalent to empowering the entire nation.

Financial Services Firm for Women's Empowerment

Looking beyond the urban landscape, Woman Excel aims to extend its impact to rural areas. Edna launched a financial services firm in 2016 to provide affordable funding to women, particularly those in underserved regions. The initiative empowers women in various projects, believing that women's integrated education and growth translates to the nation's development.

Approach to Funding and Financial Inclusion

Edna emphasizes her belief in women's ability to succeed when given the opportunity. While the financial institution is still in its infancy, awaiting regulatory approvals, Edna envisions a system where women can access funding based on trust and belief in their potential. She challenges the traditional collateral-centric approach, expressing confidence in women's determination to service loans and grow their businesses.

Partnerships and Funding for the Financial Institution

The financial institution's funding is anchored in faith and relationships. Edna shares insights from a women's conference in Dallas, Texas, where she connected with individuals willing to support this venture. While starting with limited resources, Edna believes in divine guidance and the power of relationships within Zimbabwe and abroad.

Authorship and Inspirational Work

A prolific writer, Edna has penned three books, 'Woman Excel - You Have What it Takes' and 'In His Presence.' The former, inspired by the launch of Woman Excel, focuses on unleashing the seed of greatness in every woman. The latter, 'In His Presence,' delves into the spiritual key to Edna's life achievements, emphasizing the joy found in dwelling in the fullness of God.

Words of Encouragement

Edna's parting words echo her experiences in the banking sector—encouraging individuals to diversify income sources. She emphasizes the importance of resilience and preparedness for unexpected changes, urging Zimbabweans to embrace multiple income streams.

In conclusion, Dr. Edna Mukurazhizha's narrative extends beyond the boardroom, embodying resilience, faith, and a commitment to empowering women at every level of society. Her journey inspires and is one of the best AIU success stories for women and all Zimbabweans seeking to overcome challenges and seize opportunities for personal and national growth.

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