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If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower? Many of us dream of having the power to change the world, and some grow to achieve this.

Throughout our history, the work of men and women in high spheres of power -like politics and business- enable progress and development. We usually find them all over the news. However, some others go unnoticed, but that doesn't stop them from doing important work for the world.

That is the case of Marcela Elvira Engemann, an Argentinian Doctor in Philosophy and Ph.D. in Linguistics from the Class of 2020 of the Atlantic International University. Engemann's work includes Contrastive Grammatics, a superpower that she uses to better the world.

What makes us equal

Contrastive Grammatics is a discipline that analyzes different languages to find what makes them similar and what differentiates them. By finding these convergence and divergence points, this discipline raises awareness on what makes us equal and how to overcome the difficulties that could derive from what set us apart, talking from a language perspective.

What can we achieve if we use the knowledge provided by the work of Engemann and her peers? Can we end wars? Can we achieve global collaboration? There is only one way to find out, and Marcela believes it's worth a try.

Knowledge is key

With the help of the Atlantic International University and their studies program, Engermann found a way to enrich her career and further her knowledge of linguistics. And her work could be a pivotal point in pursuing the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Better relations between different countries and cultures will establish longer and more fruitful partnerships worldwide, allowing us to achieve our common goals. By finding what brings us closer, we can develop a way to help each other, end inequality, and pursue peace and justice. In other words, in our similarities, we can find the answer to deep-rooted problems like hunger and poverty.

Some goals seem distant and ambitious. Luckily, we can all contribute to achieving them using our skills, expertise, and superpowers.

What is your superpower? Sign up today with Atlantic International University and become a hero.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Argentina, South America, Linguistics, Philosophy, Contrastive Grammatics, Partnership, Culture

Marcela Elvira Engemann - Argentina Atlantic International University - AIU 2020

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