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Learn to teach

Being a teacher is one of the most important responsibilities of a human being. It is an opportunity to change lives, show curiosity and inspire others to achieve their dreams. This role is guided by vocation, and each teacher leaves a legacy in each student who goes through her mentorship.

Silvia Beatriz Mainou has dedicated her life to teaching and has sought to improve the conditions of her students throughout her career. Currently, she is the Regional Vice Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Social Sciences at the University of Flores.

During her Ph.D. in Education, Ella Mainou found the opportunity not only to develop disciplinary concepts related to her research but also to learn through technological means, which allowed her to acquire new skills.

As she states in her degree interview: "Not only have I achieved disciplinary-type learning, but I was also able to be part of a training process and development of self-learning skills, necessary throughout life."

For Mainou, Atlantic International University was the possibility that allowed her to obtain the Doctorate in Education studies that she so longed for, offering a much more personalized and flexible program, which adjusted to her schedule needs and work demands, being an excellent experience.

In addition, the impact of the AIU methodology has been immense, since it has allowed it to be enriched with a new study methodology, both at a specific level and at the level of the topic of the doctoral thesis, impacting the ways of working and achieving learning, self-learning and also to help others achieve them; Ultimately, his Ph.D. program was a contribution to his daily work, where he was able to incorporate new information and communication technologies in teacher training and in the development of regular undergraduate classes with students and extension proposals towards teachers and the community in general from UFLO.

Guaranteeing inclusive, equitable, and quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all is one of the sustainable development goals proposed by the UN in its agenda to guarantee quality education. Being education and literacy the necessary tools to get out of poverty and have a better future. Silvia Beatriz Mainou contributes with her professional efforts to eliminate this gap, making this world a much better place for everyone.

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