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  • Post-Doctorate in Sciences with a specialization in Bioanthropology, Atlantic International University
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) with a specialization in Anthropology, Atlantic International University
  • Masters in Research and University Teaching with a focus on Scientific and Technological Research, National University of Callao
  • Bachelor in Social Anthropology, National University of Trujillo
  • Bachelor in Education, National University of Trujillo
  • Specialist in Forensic Physical Anthropology, National University of San Agustín

Professional Background

  • Perito Oficial en Antropología Forense (Official Forensic Anthropologist) for the Peruvian Government
  • Lecturer in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs at various public and private universitie

Research and Academic Achievements

  • Holds degrees in Social Anthropology, Education, and specialized fields such as Forensic Physical Anthropology.
  • Master's degree focusing on research, showcasing dedication to scientific and technological advancements.
  • Post-doctoral research in Bioanthropology at Atlantic International University, contributing to global knowledge.
  • Ph.D. in Anthropology, demonstrating a high level of expertise in the discipline.


Dr. Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz, a distinguished scholar and expert in the field of Bioanthropology, has carved an extraordinary path in academia, marked by unwavering dedication and unparalleled achievements. Born in the Province of San Miguel, Department of Cajamarca, Peru, he completed his primary education at CE. Carlos A. Olivares and his secondary education at GUE "Carlos Gutierrez" in Chepén. Motivated by his professional vocation, he pursued Anthropology at the National University of Trujillo, graduating as an Anthropologist. Subsequently, he obtained a degree in Education specializing in Social Sciences. Dr. Quiroz later pursued a second specialization in Forensic Physical Anthropology at UNSA in Arequipa.

Dr. Quiroz, the renowned Anthropologist and Full-Time Professor at the University Nacional del Callao, has distinguished himself as a dedicated scholar and a unique & unrepeatable figure in academia. His extensive career spans undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral teaching, significantly contributing to Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, and Education.

With a Post-Doctorate of Science in Anthropology from Atlantic International University, his academic journey is a testament to his passion for understanding and contributing to the intricate tapestry of human biology and culture.

Academic Prowess

Embarking on his academic odyssey, Dr. Torres Quiroz earned his Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, followed by a Master's in Research and University Teaching. His intellectual curiosity led him to pursue a Ph.D. in Anthropology, where he delved into the depths of his specialization in Bioanthropology. Notably, his pursuit of knowledge didn't stop there; he further pursued a post-doctorate from AIU, solidifying his position as a distinguished scholar.

Dr. Quiroz holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, further advancing his knowledge with a Bachelor's in Social Anthropology and a Bachelor's in Education. His holistic commitment to specialization is evident in his titles as a Specialist in Forensic Physical Anthropology and Curriculum and University Didactics. Dr. Quiroz continued his academic journey, earning a Master's in Research and University Teaching, a Ph.D. in Anthropology, and a Postdoctorate in Bioanthropology. His insatiable thirst for knowledge culminated in the achievement of a Doctorate in Education.

Professional Experience

With an impressive 23 years as a university lecturer and research-oriented educator, Dr. Torres Quiroz has been a guiding force for countless students. Additionally, his expertise extends into Forensic Anthropology, where he served as a Perito for 12 years, contributing significantly to the field's advancements. Professionally, he serves as an official forensic anthropologist for the Peruvian government. He has also been a lecturer in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, teaching master's and doctoral programs at public and private universities.

Currently serving as a Principal Full-Time Professor, Dr. Quiroz has been instrumental in shaping the academic landscape at the University Nacional del Callao. His roles extend across efforts in developing an automated system for monitoring liquid wax production and exploring the impact of motor control on chemical dispensing processes, reflecting his commitment to interdisciplinary research.

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, he demonstrated resilience by co-authoring articles on the virtualization of teaching and learning, emphasizing its impact on the self-perception of engineering students. This dynamic approach to education showcases his adaptability and dedication to advancing pedagogical methodologies.

Research Contributions

Dr. Torres Quiroz's impact reverberates in his prolific research contributions. Noteworthy among them are articles published in reputable journals such as the Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His collaborative

Conference Engagements

Dr. Torres Quiroz has actively participated in conferences, presenting papers on diverse topics such as developmental didactics for professional skills and the contextual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on students' self-perception of competencies. His engagement in international forums, such as the 7th International Conference on Green Computing and Engineering Technologies, attests to his global academic presence.

The Epitome of Excellence

Amid the pandemic, Dr. Torres Quiroz co-authored a paper on theological epistemology and the crisis of God in Peruvian education, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex subjects with depth and insight.

Dynamics of Agricultural Production in the Jequetepeque Valley: An Economic Anthropological Perspective by Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiro

The groundbreaking research, "Etnografía de la producción agrícola actual en el Valle Jequetepeque: una mirada desde la antropología económica" by Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz, provides a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic agricultural production in the Jequetepeque Valley.

Torres Quiroz's Role

As the lead researcher, Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz delves into the intricate dynamics of agricultural activities, emphasizing intensive practices, resource utilization, and the impactful presence of migrant labor. The research aims to investigate traditional economic activities, incorporating a detailed analysis of owner-farmers, pastoralists, and the social incorporation reflected in lifestyles and migration patterns.

Research Insights

Torres Quiroz extends the analysis to the global market integration of agricultural producers, examining the local market composition. Notably, the research scrutinizes deficiencies in agricultural production, focusing on crucial crops like rice, corn, and beans. The findings reveal insufficient incomes for farmers to meet their material and sociocultural needs, leading them to engage in complementary activities such as animal husbandry.

Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz's work concludes with a profound understanding of social actors intricately "inserted" into traditional agricultural practices and livestock activities. Despite the increasing economic dynamism, the research highlights that these activities need to fully address the fundamental and sociocultural needs of the emerging rural-urban producers. Torres Quiroz's significant contribution enriches the field of economic anthropology, providing valuable insights into the complexities of agricultural production and social incorporation in the Jequetepeque Valley.


Dr. Almintor Giovanni Torres Quiroz's distance learning journey is a saga of relentless pursuit, intellectual brilliance, and unwavering commitment. His contributions to Bioanthropology, Forensic Anthropology, and the evolving landscape of education stand as a testament to his enduring legacy. Dr. Torres Quiroz exemplifies academic excellence and interdisciplinary scholarship as he dedicates his efforts to public health research in the Peruvian population.
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