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Dr. Hajat Amaal, a highly experienced consultant specializing in quality assurance and curriculum development for higher education institutions, holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the prestigious Atlantic International University (AIU) with a major in Finance. With a profound background in the education industry, Dr. Amaal has honed her skills in developing strategies and implementing programs that significantly enhance the quality of education in universities and colleges.

As a consultant, Dr. Hajat Amaal collaborates closely with higher education institutions, comprehensively evaluating their existing quality assurance practices. Through this process, she adeptly identifies areas for enhancement, developing tailored solutions that align seamlessly with the institution's overarching goals and objectives. Her unique and unrepeatable expertise extends to providing guidance on curriculum development, ensuring that educational programs meet rigorous industry standards, and effectively preparing students for successful careers in their respective fields.

Recognized for her outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, Dr. Hajat Amaal excels in forging effective collaborations with university and college administrators, faculty, and staff. Her approach is characterized by its adaptability to the unique needs of each institution, working closely with stakeholders to ensure that her recommendations are strategic but also practical, feasible, and sustainable.

Dr. Hajat Amaal's Doctorate in Business Administration from AIU adds depth to her extensive qualifications, making her a valuable asset to any higher education institution seeking to enhance its quality assurance and curriculum development processes. Her unparalleled expertise and proven experience have played a pivotal role in helping numerous universities and colleges achieve their academic objectives, solidifying her as a prominent figure making a lasting impact in the education industry.

Dr. Hajat Amaal: A Decade-Long Journey in Quality Assurance and Academic Leadership

Dr. Hajat Amaal brings an extensive and distinguished professional background, showcasing her expertise through various critical roles in the academic arena. With a decade of impactful contributions as a Quality Assurance Manager and Senior Lecturer at Kampala University, she has been instrumental in elevating academic standards. Dr. Amaal's proficiency extends to her dual roles as a Lecturer and Dean of the School of Business and Management Studies at Kampala University.

Her ongoing research commitment is evident in her focus on "Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Uganda: National Framework and Institutional Approaches," demonstrating a dedication to advancing educational practices. Within Kampala University, Dr. Amaal has held pivotal responsibilities as a Senate member, Dean of the School of Business & Management, and Head of the Credit Management Department.

Beyond her institutional roles, Dr. Amaal has played influential roles at both national and regional levels. Her contributions include serving as the Quality Assurance Manager and Vice Chairperson of the Ugandan Universities Quality Assurance Forum (UUQAF). Furthermore, as the Uganda Representative for the East African Quality Assurance Network (EAQAN) and the Head of the Secretariat for the Uganda Vice Chancellors’ Forum (UVCF), she has fostered collaboration and networking among universities.

In her 11 years as a Quality Assurance expert, Dr. Amaal has achieved significant milestones. She founded UUQAF and EAQAN, facilitating training and sensitization programs in Quality Assurance for numerous universities. Her leadership as the Head of the Secretariat at UVCF encouraged active participation from quality assurance officers in member universities.

Adding to her impressive profile, Dr. Amaal is a member of the East African University Rwanda (EAUR) Development Team, a sister University to Kampala University. Additionally, she serves on the Governing Council of Monaco Institute of Business & Computer Science. Drawing on her 17 years of teaching experience at the university level, Dr. Amaal contributes significantly to quality education, institutional collaboration, and continuous improvement in higher education standards.

Work Experience Highlights - Dr. Hajat Amaal

Director of Quality Assurance - Islamic University in Uganda (Feb 2018 - Present)

  • Heads Quality Assurance, formulating policies and overseeing accreditation.
  • Coordinates Quality Assurance and Enhancement of Management Systems.
  • Conducts quality audits, develops research quality standards, and trains staff.

Director of Quality Assurance and Monitoring - Kampala International University (Mar 2016 - Nov 2017):

  • Implemented Compliance Framework Audits and monitored teaching standards.
  • Coordinated external visits and supervised QA deputy directors.

Part-Time Senior Lecturer - Islamic University in Uganda (2014 - Present)

  • Teaches postgraduate Corporate Finance and Investment Management courses.

Director - Kampala University City Campus (2014 - Jan 2016)

  • Managed financials, oversaw academic activities, and promoted excellence.

Quality Assurance Manager / Senior Lecturer - Kampala University (2009 - Jan 2016)

  • Led planning processes, improved programs, and ensured Quality Assurance.

Dean of the School of Business and Management Studies - Kampala University (2004 - 2013)

  • Taught Investment Banking and Microfinance Management.

Research Projects Supervised by Dr. Amaal K.N

Under Dr. Hajat Amaal’s astute supervision, an impressive array of research projects has flourished, delving into multifaceted domains such as finance, microfinance, organizational performance, and beyond. These projects showcase a commitment to nuanced exploration, offering profound insights into diverse subjects. From the impact of microfinance institutions on poverty eradication to the intricate relationships between financial planning and service delivery, Dr. Amaal's mentorship has been instrumental in cultivating scholarly inquiry. Her guidance consistently elevates research endeavors' depth and practical applicability, contributing significantly to a richer understanding of complex financial and organizational dynamics.

Dr. Amaal as a Reviewer for International Journals

Dr. Amaal K.N has contributed significantly to the scholarly community as a meticulous reviewer for esteemed international journals. Her expertise extends to the International Journal of Business and Administrative Studies (IJBAS) by KKG Publications based in Malaysia. Through her discerning evaluations, Dr. Amaal ensures the quality and rigor of academic content, upholding the standards of these influential publications. Additionally, she brings her wealth of knowledge to the East African Quality Assurance Network Journal, actively participating in the peer-review process to advance the field of quality assurance in education. Dr. Amaal's commitment to maintaining the integrity of academic discourse is evident in her invaluable role as a reviewer for these reputable international journals.

Exploring Excellence: Amaal K.N's Pioneering Research Portfolio

Dr. Hajat Amaal’s extensive research projects emphasize advancing knowledge across diverse domains. Her investigation into the acceptance of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Nigeria revealed a positive reception among participants, emphasizing the role of EHRs in enhancing job performance and improving healthcare service delivery.

In community development, her work on "Community Empowerment through Entrepreneurial Training" has left a lasting impact on market vendors in Uganda, equipping them with managerial and entrepreneurial skills. This phenomenological study has been published in reputable platforms like and the International Journal of Management Research & Emerging Sciences.

Dr. Amaal has also contributed significantly to the discourse on higher education, co-authoring a book titled "Assessing Lecturers’ Perception on Student-Lecturer Evaluations." This work addresses critical aspects of teaching support in East African Higher Education Institutions, emphasizing the importance of lecturer feedback.

Notably, her expertise extends to the challenges faced by graduate students and supervision in the post-pandemic era, as evident in her ongoing book chapter, "Doctoral Supervision in the Post-Pandemic Africa." These projects underscore her dedication to improving the quality of education, healthcare, and community empowerment, making her a distinguished researcher in academia.

Transformative Learning at AIU: Dr. Hajat Amaal's Journey through Andragogy

Experiencing a notable shift in the education system at AIU, Dr. Hajat Amaal navigated the transition from the traditional pedagogical learning approach to the innovative andragogy model. This adjustment profoundly influenced her Ph.D. journey, offering comfort in designing and developing a personalized curriculum. Taking on the responsibility of self-examination through extensive paper writing presented a significant challenge, yet Dr. Amaal overcame these obstacles. This shift in educational philosophy at AIU made the Ph.D. experience more tailored and self-driven and highlights Dr. Amaal's resilience and adaptability in embracing new and impactful learning methodologies.

Conclusion: Amaal's Trailblazing Journey

Dr. Hajat Amaal emerges as a transformative force in academia, seamlessly blending a decade of expertise as a Quality Assurance Manager and Senior Lecturer. Armed with a Doctorate in Business Administration from AIU, her ability to navigate the shift from pedagogy to andragogy showcases adaptability and resilience.

Impact Beyond Borders

From pivotal roles in UUQAF and EAQAN to influencing national and regional education policies, Amaal's impact reverberates beyond institutional boundaries. Her leadership, meticulous research supervision, and commitment to advancing knowledge underscore her as a trailblazer shaping the future of higher education.

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