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Climate change brings destruction in countless ways. One example of this is the aftermath of hurricane season in 2017 when two almost consecutive hurricanes -Irma and Maria- hit Puerto Rico.

These disasters brought damages for dozens of billions of dollars and a total power outage that lasted for days -even weeks, in most remote areas.

For the last couple of years, Puerto Rican institutions and citizens evaluated new alternatives that would help prevent another power outage and other consequences of natural disasters and climate change. That is the case of Edison Pares Atiles, an electrical engineer who is working with the rural communities of Puerto Rico to create innovative choices.

Pares Atiles is a Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the Atlantic International University. Edison graduated in 2020, and his thesis produced a plan to establish community microgrids in a remote community in Puerto Rico.

Community is key

Edison is a university professor in Puerto Rico. He educates young engineers on renewable energy, solar energy, and project management, among many other topics. With his knowledge and expertise, he boosts the development in these small communities and the whole of Puerto Rico.

Despite other microgrid projects operating in Puerto Rico, Pares Atiles prefers community grids over industrial ones. He points that a community microgrid is a better option because it belongs to the people, adding a social aspect. They operate, maintain, and benefit from it. The revenue generated by the microgrid can be invested back in the community, building steps for power, social and financial sustainability.

Transversal approach for sustainable development

This project addresses advancement transversally, hitting the environment, economy, and social growth topics, putting the world one step closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

With a microgrid that provides electricity for communities in risk areas, you are generating Climate Action by preventing and reducing the effects of climate change. On the other hand, an autonomous electric grid aims to fulfill the Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Industry Innovation and Infrastructure goals.

As part of his planning, Pares Atiles includes an alliance with Credit Unions, an example of Partnership for the Goals.

This Engineer is generating action that addresses some of his country's problems integrally, showing passion and commitment for his people.

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Edison Pares Atiles Atlantic International University - AIU 2020