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The bigger man is less felt

Dreams do not have an ideal moment to come true and this is the case with Carlos Rossi. Passionate about studies, due to the demands of day-to-day, family, work, and other obligations left his dream of getting a doctorate aside.

Time passed and while his professional career was consolidating, Rossi found at Atlantic International University the opportunity to do not one, but two Ph.D’s, a Ph.D. in Human Resources and later a Ph.D. in Education; this thanks to the facilities of the program that allows students to combine their personal and professional lives with their goals.

Dr. Carlos Rossi has numerous titles from the most prestigious universities in the world to his credit, and he uses all this knowledge daily to influence human talent and productivity through coaching.

Rossi, in his degree interview, assures, "As a scientist, my purpose in this world is to help humanity and after that my life will go, always seeking to elevate the spirit through knowledge, separating the material and AIU played the most important role in my life… AIU allowed me to achieve very big dreams that have taken me to places I had never imagined in my life”.

Dr. Rossi dedicates his life to Scientific Coaching, which among his contributions allows him to evaluate the ethics of values. In fact, he has managed to break paradigms with his disruptive ideas, such as the Innovative Observational Numerical Table (TNO), which he himself explains in his interview: "In human management, ethics is fundamental, and this forceful tool allows, through of real attitudes, through consequent thinking, accurately assess whether the person has values or anti-values before entering a company”.

TNO is a non-invasive assessment tool based on neuroscience, psychology, and the detection of microgestures that allows, in just 8 minutes, the TNO euro-Psycho-Social Test to holistically evaluate and determine the complete profile of a person.

All men walk the earth, but only some leave a mark

This phrase, to which Rossi alludes in his interview, says a lot about what he has achieved with his hard work and that is that delving into his professional curriculum is inspiring:

  • Creator of Scientific Coaching-Integral Talent Managers, and Director of the Scientific Coaching Institute.
  • World Class Coach by TRACOM, USA, for working with companies located within the top 300 of Fortune magazine.
  • Emotional Coach with more than 14 years of experience by Six Seconds, USA. He is an international speaker on Emotional Intelligence and productivity.
  • Hostage Crisis Negotiation Consultant, by TICAMER and FBI instructors.
  • Consultant and Scientist. More than 25 years of experience, and approximately 15,000 hours of coaching. More than 1,550 coaches in 32 different business lines and levels, from middle management to corporate. He has prepared successors.
  • He has trained more than 50,000 people around the world on more than 15 different topics in the area of human resources and others.
  • Furthermore, he took specialization courses in Design Thinking at MIT. Leadership in Innovation at MIT. Agile tools in the UP of Argentina. Balance Score Card at Palladium Consulting, USA. Detection of Microgestures at PAUL EKMAN GROUP.
  • International speaker on human resources, creativity, and disruption.
  • Mentor students of different careers.
  • Coach and advisor to internationally recognized Entrepreneurs.

Definitively, Dr. Carlos Rossi is Breaking Patterns in the Field of Education. Stories that inspire to change the world, ordinary people doing extraordinary jobs, aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, where education is essential to be able to count on sustainable development of our communities.

With determination, all people are capable of making this world a better place to live and achieve their goals.

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