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The Development of Organizations with an Ecosystem Model

Like communities, organizations also need to have leaders who encourage them to move forward in order to offer better resources and opportunities to all the people who are part of it.

The organizational model is essential for development because it is what allows everything to flow properly and harmoniously so that no part of society enters into conflict. The organization allows stability and balance in all actions and goals.

Characters like Dr. Itamar Rogovsky, considered the Father of Organizational Development, have contributed to working on the foundations of organizations, allowing them to adapt the organization's structure, efficiently lead the work team, and contribute to continuously improving human relations. in order to prevent conflicts or resolve them in a timely manner.

In his work as an Organizational Development Consultant, Rogovsky had clear objectives: The introduction of new organizational models in all systems in Israel and the possibility of facilitating professional internships for university students.

An International Legacy

Doctor Itamar Rogovsky is considered one of the fathers of Organizational Development in the US, Europe, and Israel. He is recognized for his professional excellence, for the quality of his business consulting, and for excellence in consultant training processes. He is a pioneer of DO consulting and has introduced undergraduate, postgraduate, and master's training programs at prestigious universities in Israel, Spain, and the continent.

Furthermore, he was the creator of the first consultant training program in Organizational Development and Process Consulting (OD) in Barcelona, Spain.

The Human Being as the Center of Organizational Interest

After a long and applauded career, Rogovsky found at Atlantic International University, his University, with which he feels fully identified with his Objectives, ideals, and way of acting. Inspired by 2 fundamental principles:

First, at AIU they do not see the human being as an instrument of the organization, but, on the contrary, they see the human being as the center of interest.

And the second is that the AIU system breaks the standard university scheme and offers the possibility for each one to put together their own experience, and their own study program and take advantage of all their life experience for these studies.

From this very pleasant experience, a unique relationship has remained, which has been maintained over the years, with Dr. Itamar Rogovsky being an active and committed graduate of the AIU community.

During his vast career, Dr. Rogovsky has dedicated himself to bringing out the best in the people who make up organizations, thus achieving a positive and sustained impact, driving progress, creating decent jobs for all, and improving living standards, just as points to Goal number 8 of the United Nations Agenda for 2030.

People who are focused and determined to leave their mark, find AIU the perfect ally to make their dreams come true. You can also achieve your goals if you propose yourself with AIU.

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