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Known as one of the references of his generation in the defense arts, Itay Gil turned his combat experience in anti-terrorist conflicts and his knowledge of Krav Maga into a teaching tool that has changed the lives of many security and defense agents.

After 14 years of service and 20 active years as a Captain in the Commando Regiment and having served in the Israeli Special Forces Paratrooper Brigade, Itay Gil has not only accumulated battlefield experiences, but also increased his need to acquire more knowledge to reach the maximum potential as a national security professional.

In addition, during his career he has been responsible for the security training of the President of Israel (for 10 years), and has assisted in the training of the best tactical groups in the world such as HRT, FBI, SWAT, Spetsnaz Alpha Group among others, including the training of the security team of the President of Ukraine.

In the pursuit of perfecting his skills in combating organized crime and terrorism, Itay keeps constantly updating his knowledge and most recently acquired a PhD degree in Homeland Security and Defense at Atlantic Int University - AIU.

Knowledge is the best defense

Krav Maga is a discipline that allows us to defend ourselves in real situations and put into practice movements that humans forget we can do, it is a really simple but powerful technique when it comes to increase our chances of survival, that is why Itay has dedicated most of his life to teach this art and even has his own instructional course on DVD: Krav Maga protect.

Itay has turned his passion into a life purpose: share his knowledge in security and defense to train better professionals in this field. During his career he has trained a variety of defense teams such as the Israel Border Police and the undercover police intelligence unit.

In his efforts to share his national security knowledge, he wrote the book The Citizen's Guide To Stopping Suicide Attackers: Secrets of an Israeli Counterterrorist, which can be purchased digitally on Amazon.

However, Itay has not only been involved in training others, he has also appeared in History Channels' "Human Weapon" series, BBC Special Forces' "Ultimate Hell Week", the film "Levelling the score" (2019) and is recognized by Al Jazeera as a leading air safety expert in the world.

At the present time, Itay Gil continues serving to the IDF reserves, where he is a captain and senior combat instructor and strategic mission planner for an elite covert counter-terrorism team.

Levelling the score

The Citizen's Guide To Stopping Suicide Attackers: Secrets of an Israeli Counterterrorist

Krav Maga Protect

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