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In the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, a luminary emerged, shaping the fields of psychotherapy and education. Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano, a beacon of inspiration, embarked on a transformative journey that transcended borders, leaving an indelible mark on academia, psychotherapy, and community service.

AIU Celebrates Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano's Academic Triumphs

At the forefront of academic excellence, Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano, a distinguished alumna of our institution, has illuminated the corridors of knowledge with her remarkable achievements. She completed her Doctorate in Philosophy with a major in Psychotherapy from Atlantic International University. Her groundbreaking research, conducted with a team from the Graduate School of Education at Tec de Monterrey, exemplifies the caliber of scholars we are proud to nurture.

Dr. Pilar's research, a testament to her intellectual rigor and dedication, earned the distinguished honor of publication in the Journal of Educational Research at Tec de Monterrey. The institution's meticulous eight-month review process, selecting only investigations that contribute to transcendent education, underscores the significance of her work in shaping educational discourse.

Adding to her laurels, Dr. Pilar completed a Doctorate in Psychotherapy with SUMMA CUM LAUDE honors, showcasing not only her academic prowess but also her commitment to excellence in the field. The link provided allows you to delve into the depth of her research, a valuable contribution to the academic community.

As AIU alumni, we take immense pride in Dr. Pilar's accomplishments and eagerly anticipate the continued trajectory of her success. Her journey exemplifies the spirit of inquiry, innovation, and dedication to transformative education that defines the ethos of our institution. Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano is a shining example of the caliber of scholars who emerge from our academic community, leaving an indelible mark on the world of education and psychotherapy.

While appreciating Atlantic International University, Dr. Pizano said, “I discovered that AIU’s Andragogy ideology is a wonderful tool for professional growth and for developing a discipline of study that many of us who are already immersed in the working world have often lost.”

Academic Odyssey

Dr. Pilar's expansive academic journey encompasses a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology, providing the groundwork for dual doctorates—a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy from Atlantic International University (USA) and another in Education from Mexico. Further enriching her qualifications, she holds a Master's in Educational Institutions Administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Her expertise extends into Gestalt Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, and clinical work with dreams, reflecting a commitment to holistic approaches. Dr. Pilar also pursued studies in the Science and Application of Positive Psychology at Harvard Extension School, underscoring her dedication to staying at the forefront of psychological advancements. This multidimensional academic background defines her approach to psychotherapy and education, emphasizing a profound understanding of the human psyche and a commitment to excellence.

Pioneering Professional Experience

In 1993, driven by a shared dream with Patricia Molina Gtz. (+), Dr. Pilar Ocampo Pizano co-founded the Center for Human Development and Gestalt Psychotherapy in Oaxaca. Over two decades, this institution has become a symbol of teaching quality and service excellence, earning national and international acclaim.

As the Founder and General Director, Dr. Pilar's leadership has created an environment fostering academic excellence and a deep sense of discipline and professional growth among its students. Her unique and unrepeatable commitment to holistic healing is further evidenced by her qualifications as a Flower Therapist from the Bach Centre, England, adding a unique dimension to the center's therapeutic offerings.

Dr. Pilar's dedication to advancing therapeutic practices is underscored by her certifications as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by the AIP (Association of Integrative Psychology) and the AHA (American Hypnosis Association) in the USA. Additionally, her professional training in Past Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss reflects her commitment to exploring diverse therapeutic modalities to benefit her clients and the broader community.

Through her multifaceted and holistic approach to psychotherapy and education, Dr. Pilar Ocampo Pizano has established an institution of excellence. She has also set a standard for compassionate and transformative healing practices.

Literary Legacy

Dr. Pilar's literary prowess extends beyond the written word, embodying a multifaceted role as an author, trainer, speaker, and active researcher. Her globally distributed books, including "Reencuentro con la Esencia," "Returning Home: Another Vision of Bach Flowers," "Feelings," "The Ego in Relationships," "Gestalt Parents," and "Working with Dreams in Gestalt,” “Individual, couples, group, and family psychotherapist,” and "Haz-Siendo Gestalt," transcend the conventional boundaries of literature. Published by Editorial Pax Mexico, these works serve as more than mere books; they are windows into the profound depth of Dr. Pilar's expertise.

As a trainer of psychotherapists in Europe, Latin America, and the United States, Dr. Pilar shares her extensive knowledge, enriching the global therapeutic community. Her role as a speaker at international conferences positions her as a thought leader, contributing to the evolution of psychotherapy globally.

In addition to her literary contributions, Dr. Pilar is an active researcher, consistently pushing the boundaries of psychological understanding. Balancing these professional endeavors, she seamlessly embodies the roles of wife and mother, showcasing a holistic approach to life that mirrors her commitment to fostering understanding and growth on both personal and professional fronts. Dr. Pilar's impact resonates globally, not only through her written words but also through her dynamic contributions to the field of psychotherapy.

Excellence in Research

The pinnacle of Dr. Pilar's distance learning academic prowess manifested in 2014 when her research, conducted with a team from the Tec de Monterrey Graduate School of Education, was published in the Journal of Educational Research. This achievement underscores her dedication to producing knowledge that transcends conventional boundaries, contributing significantly to the advancement of education.

Pioneering the Future of Psychotherapy: Dr. Pizano, Founder of the Center for Human Development and Gestalt Psychotherapy

Dr. Pilar Ocampo Pizano is a visionary in psychotherapy, shaping the landscape through her unwavering commitment to holistic healing and education. A clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy from the USA and a Ph.D. in Education from Mexico, her journey took a transformative turn in 1993.

In collaboration with Patricia Molina Gtz. (+), Dr. Pilar founded a groundbreaking institution—the Center for Human Development and Gestalt Psychotherapy. This venture was born from a shared dream to infuse the enchantment of Gestalt therapy into the fabric of their hometown, Oaxaca, Mexico. During its 20 years, this institution has received national and international recognition for the quality of its teaching and the level of its services.

The Center, a testament to Dr. Pilar's dedication and passion, has flourished into a hub of excellence over the years. Its virtual presence at mirrors the innovative approach that defines the institution. Dr. Pilar's vision has created a space where the magic of Gestalt is not just a therapeutic technique but a transformative journey for individuals seeking healing and personal growth.

As the founder of the Center for Human Development and Gestalt Psychotherapy, Dr. Pilar has left an enduring imprint on the field, fostering a community recognized nationally and internationally for its educational prowess and service quality. Her dream, conceived decades ago, continues to thrive, offering a beacon of hope and healing to those who walk through the doors of this extraordinary institution. Dr. Pilar Ocampo Pizano's legacy is not just in the bricks and mortar of the Center but in the lives transformed through the magic of Gestalt under her visionary leadership.

Pioneering Excellence in Psychotherapy and Education

Nearly three decades into her transformative journey, Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano's success story is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the enduring impact of her commitment to innovation, excellence, and ethical practice in psychotherapy and education. The growth of her family, which extends beyond biological ties to encompass a robust and pioneering community, speaks volumes about the international recognition garnered for educational excellence and service quality.

Today, Dr. Pilar's commitment resonates more than ever as she leads her community at the forefront of transformative change. The exponential growth is not just in numbers but in the creative adjustments made to continue offering unique programs. Driven by a new perspective on human connection, she ensures that her community thrives in these evolving times.

This commitment to innovation comes hand in hand with a profound understanding that professionally accompanying another human being demands precision and expertise, leaving no room for trial and error. Dr. Pilar's success story is not merely a reflection of personal achievement; it's a narrative of a visionary leader steering a community toward excellence in the evolving landscape of psychotherapy and education.

Explore Dr. Pilar's work and commitment on her official website:

Global Recognition and Awards

Dr. Pilar Ocampo's influence transcends conventional boundaries, marked by prestigious recognitions and impactful initiatives. Named an Ambassador of Peace by the Organization of the Americas for Educational Excellence in 2016, she received the esteemed Red Cross Medal, a testament to her dedication to humanitarian causes.

She has been recognized with an Honorary Doctorate by the Ibero-American Council in Honor of Educational Excellence, as an Ambassador of Peace in Ibero-America, receiving the Red Cross Medal in Peru, and as a Gestalt Figure in Mexico. Her stature as a Gestalt Figure in Mexico acknowledged in 2017, underscores her work's profound impact on psychotherapy and human development. The pinnacle of recognition came in 2018 when the European Society for Quality Research in Brussels, Belgium, honored her with the European Award for Best Practices. This prestigious award celebrated the outstanding contributions of the Center for Human Development and Gestalt Psychotherapy, a testament to the enduring legacy of her vision initiated three decades ago.

In March 2021, Dr. Pilar initiated the "Spread Good Vibes" community project, a manifestation of applied positive psychology that has, thanks to the collaborative efforts of a dedicated community of colleagues, reached and positively influenced thousands of lives across diverse corners of the globe.

The crowning moment in September 2021 saw the International Organization for Medical Training and Research bestow upon her its highest distinction. This honor, recognizing her excellent and arduous trajectory in advancing healthcare, resulted from her impactful presentation on "The Impact of Multidimensionality in Psychotherapy" at the latest Organization Congress.

Dr. Pilar's influence is not confined to accolades; she is a dynamic force on the global stage, serving as an international speaker and teacher in various countries and institutions. Her roles as an active researcher, writer, composer, and author of several globally distributed books showcase the depth and diversity of her contributions to psychotherapy and education. Dr. Pilar Ocampo continues to be a beacon of inspiration, embodying a commitment to excellence, positive change, and the constant evolution of healthcare and education.

Multifaceted Expertise

Beyond her academic and professional achievements, Dr. Pilar's multifaceted expertise encompasses certifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Flower Therapist, and a Harvard University's Positive Psychology program graduate. Her international speaking engagements and teaching roles demonstrate a commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering growth in diverse settings.

Connecting Globally: Dr. Pilar's Digital Presence

In the digital realm, Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano extends her impact and expertise across various platforms, creating a global network for those seeking transformative insights. Follow her on Instagram @pilarocampo.psicoterapia for glimpses into her therapeutic journey and valuable psychotherapeutic content.

On her YouTube channel, Dr. Pilar shares a wealth of knowledge through videos, providing an accessible avenue for learning and growth. Engage with her diverse content covering psychotherapy, education, and personal development.

Join the community on Facebook @dra.pilarocampo to be part of the dialogue, events, and discussions led by Dr. Pilar herself. Here, the emphasis is on building connections and fostering a community dedicated to growth and well-being.
For insights into the heart of her transformative journey and the organization she founded, visit the Facebook profile of Centro Gestalt Oaxaca. Explore the vision, mission, and activities that have made it a cornerstone in psychotherapy and education.

In a digital landscape where connection is critical, Dr. Pilar's social channels are gateways to a world of transformative knowledge, community engagement, and professional networking.

Legacy and Impact

Dr. Maria del Pilar Soledad Ocampo Pizano's legacy transcends personal success; it embodies a narrative of impactful contributions, continuous growth, and an unwavering dedication to the transformative potential of psychotherapy and education. Her commitment to excellence, innovative practices, and community well-being has defined her success story and profoundly influenced countless individuals across Europe, Latin America, and the United States. As a wife, mother, and global figure, Dr. Pilar's journey is a testament to the enduring power of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

AIU is Proud of Dr. Pilar

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