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Coaching efectivo para mantener a tu equipo involucrado

Fecha: Jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2023 - 3.00 p. m., hora del este de EE. UU.
Tema: liderazgo

ID de reunión: 832 8995 4324
Clave de acceso: 672390

Acerca de Magaly Masis:
9 years of experience as a people manager and operations executive developing training, teams, and growing customer portfolios for revenue generation.
-Certified in change management and apply it to transition and transform teams or in projects.
-Leader and owner of expansions from 20 employees to 400 resources, and managed projects with waterfall and scrum methodologies.
-Leadership and empowering people are the success factors for companies and I love to reinforce this.

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