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Introduction to civil engineering, how it ties in with other disciplines, some of the ins and outs and daily responsibilities of a typical civil engineer, the overall hierarchy of a firm, and a segment that I'll leave open for questions. If I don't receive too many questions, I'll also jump into some of the various disciplines within civil itself, open one of my plan sets, and break down a planet and what it entails.

Date: Friday, November 03rd at 10:00 a.m., US Eastern Time.
Topic: Civil Engineering

Meeting ID: 879 4418 2220
Passcode: 380594

About Jordan Bryant:
a Denver based Project Engineer with over 9 years of proven experience in commercial, residential, and government contracted projects.
Over the previous 5 years as an owner, my company has become highly specialized in civil, structural, and architectural engineering. We have recently brought on advanced MEP engineers as well.

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